Debunking Palestinian reverse propaganda 1.0 : Photos from the Gaza Strip « biggest open air concentration camp of the world »

Well, well, well… Look at what we got here… I think me just caught you with your pants down, little babies from the Gaza Strip! These links below present a series of pictures taken, not in Israel, not in Saudi Arabia, not in the Mediterranean, not in Greece, not in Turkey…but in the Gaza Strip! Folks, believe me or not, but these pictures were taken in the very place that Palestinians refer to as being « the world’s biggest open air concentration camp ». Nothing less! Look at the photos and tell me if it fits your description of such a terrible place. You see barbwires, smoke coming out of facilities, « dust » falling down from the sky, piles of decomposing bodies? I think you don’t. You see, that’s a clear example of reverse propaganda. The Third Reich has been doing just that, putting people, mostly Jews, into real concentration camps to be worked to death and/or gased, and now they are using the accusation to smear Israel for something that it clearly doesn’t do. The second link shows pictures of a new shopping mall in Gaza. Enjoy them. And please, put your children to bed… These shots are so « graphic » in nature that they could induce some kind of trauma…You don’t wanna take any chances…

Photos from the Gaza Strip « concentration camp »

Photos of a Gaza Shopping Mall

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