Vladimir Zhirinovsky: Russia in the league of weather warfare

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According to Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a Duma member, Russia could be tempted by the use of electromagnetic weapons to conduct warfare against other nations. In an article published in The Nation, he alludes to Georgia that could be annexed by Russia and to the instability in the Middle East region. The article comes, for me, as a confirmation of something that I have been aware for a certain period of time. States and nations are at war using various types of means, including the use of electromagnetic radiation, whether they are ELF, HF, microwaves, regular EM waves, etc. It think we can assume that there are at least a dozen countries and/or entities that have developped the capability to use electromagnetic waves and conduct warfare with them. Russia and China immediately come to mind, and the Third Reich evidently as well, as a de facto « State » with no aboveground official territory. The other states that could have the technology are anybody’s guess. The article is also very helpful to remind us that the American facility based in Alaska, HAARP, doesn’t have to take the blame for every curious and dubious weather phenomenon that occurs. If an artificial weather phenomenon has been triggered with electromagnetic waves, it could come from anyone that possesses the technology. I think it is fair to assume that, in the past, the people who work at the HAARP facility in Alaska have been unfairly accused of triggering weather catastrophies, while it was probably somebody else’s fault. In respect with our situation here in North America, it is conceivable to envision that the Underground Reich, Russia and oil-producer reactionary elements of the Middle East are the best candidates to do environmental damage over here. I guess we will see in the near future who does what.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky on The Nation

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