Ayers and Dohrn, Barack Obama, the death of Andrew Breitbart and the rise of Third Position fascism

(06-08-2012) N.B.: Before I let you read the article, here are a couple of points that I posted on SpitfireList.com on May 20th 2012 as a response to some criticism about the article from the website host. These remarks should serve as caveat, precisions, to be able to put into context the core of the text. I admit that this article was a reckless attempt, not necessarily successful, to explain and put into context something rather difficult to conceptualize. In the end, I think Obama is a good man but he is surrended by people who are not and who are trying to seize the occasion to do harm. Here it is:

Thanks for these remarks. I will clar­ify a few points just to be sure we agree on my posi­tions con­cern­ing Obama and the rest. Maybe the writ­ing of my arti­cle could be improved to reflect that.

First, I have never said that OBAMA killed Bre­it­bart or that he wanted to kill him. He nev­er­the­less signed, if I am not mis­taken, an Exec­u­tive Order that legal­izes tar­get­ted assas­si­na­tions of Amer­i­can cit­i­zens. Some­body else could have done it. Maybe.

Sec­ond, I have never said that Obama was third posi­tion. It is rather the crowd sur­round­ing him and with whom he evolved that gives me that impres­sion. For me, the Chicago milieu is bad and breeds rad­i­cals. But the right is not any bet­ter, of course.

Third, I agree, the Weath­er­men were prob­a­bly agent provocateurs.

Fourth, con­cern­ing Israel, reli­gious Zion­ism is prob­a­bly wrong as you say, but we must not for­get that Israelis face anni­hi­la­tion not only since 1922 (that’s 1917 in fact- Ed), year of the Bal­four Dec­la­ra­tion, but since the begin­nings of Chris­tian­ity. John Loftus’s The Secret War Against the Jews remains, for me, the best tool to under­stand the sit­u­a­tion. When the fate of the Jews is secured, the state of Israel is secured, we will have plenty of time to crit­i­cize Zion­ism and Netanyahu or any other politi­cian in place. I don’t like Netanyahu court­ing right-wingers, but there is not much of a choice. Obama is not favor­able toward Israel and the U.S. has only two parties…

Fifth, yes, Obama is very dif­fer­ent from Bush. Ide­aly, if we could com­bine the best of the two in just one can­di­date, that would be great. But unfor­tu­nately, it doesn’t work like that it seems.

I kept it brief and I hope it clar­i­fies things.


The recent death of Andrew Breitbart has opened a Pandora’s box. The controversy has raged over the fact that he was very vocal during the whole month of February about releasing, on March 1st, some tapes that would irremediably hurt Barack Obama and seriously undermine his chances to get re-elected. Apparently, the videos show Barack Obama during his college days with radicals. The fact that he died only hours before having the occasion to do so, has led many in political circles to ask themselves whether or not Breitbart could have been eliminated. The sudden heart attack that brought him down is seen by certain people as possibly only the official version of the story. Well, we may never know what really happened. However, this event has opened a rift, so to speak, in the political analysis spectrum, and now certain connections from the past emerge on the surface. A first tape has been released on March 7th. It shows Barack Obama during his college days at Harvard University endorsing and hugging Derrick Bell, a controversial professor who expressed radical leftist ideas about race. The hugging part of the video was censored at the time of the Presidential Election to avoid doing any damage to Obama’s campaign.

A thread is common and I want to present it to you. Kevin Coogan, a marvelous author, has written a book titled Dreamer of the Day: Fran­cis Parker Yockey and the Post­war Fas­cist Inter­na­tional. This book presents the political philosophy of Francis Parker Yockey, a post-war fascist political thinker. In a nutshell, Yockey wanted to breed a new kind of fascism where nazism/fascism, communism and Islam would merge, along with elements characteristic of Third World sensibilities, to create a new form of fascism that didn’t exist before WWII. Uniting the Far-Left and the Far-Right, with the Iran of the Ayatollahs and the Nation of Islam, was a priority and a goal in itself for him. Continuer la lecture

Republican Reverse Robbing Hoods: Bob Fitrakis on the stealing of the 2004 election…among other things

Radio host Bob Fitrakis joins Peter B. Collins on the Peter B. Collins Show to talk about election fraud in 2004. According to new evidence, Republicans would have used a computer scheme to be able to steal the election in Ohio that year. A back-up system was put in place that essentially created a « middle man », an independent autonomous program created by Mike Connell, one of Bush’s buddies, sitting between the precincts and the Secretary of State. This « middle man » had the capacity to input new data in the system. Evidence show that in certain precincts more votes were registered than voters. Votes for Bush were added during tabulation, etc.

I am just wondering: Is there anything different that Republicans can do besides stealing, cheating, robbing and encouraging mayhem and crime? If there is, it doesn’t show. That’s why I call them Reverse Robbing Hoods: They steal the poor to give to the rich. Later in this interview, Bob Fitrakis talks about the way certain people close to the Republican Party or to the Bush Administration tried to steal people’s pensions using the scheme of selling them « toxic assets ». You must be saying to yourself, if the people running these pension funds are stupid enough to buy debts (that’s what toxic assets means) too bad for them. Well, it is not that simple. First of all, it is our money, we the people. Second, if I would have been in charge of these pension funds (it happened in my area too) I would never have bought debts. Who buys debts except fools? Normally, sane people buy things that possess a positive value, not a negative one. But anyway, that’s not the point. The point is that it is the responsability of the people in charge of society to implement solutions and projects that actually help society get better. The only motivation that can exist for selling debts is evidently the intent of robbing somebody else’s property. In my opinion, all those brokers and finance clerks who sold « toxic assets » should be put in jail. One of the most basic rules of commerce is that when you sell something, you get something in exchange for its value. How come was it possible to get money in return for something that has no value, and let alone a negative one? Anyway, nothing surprises me anymore.

Listen to this show. While the first part of it is dedicated to cover a possible challenge to Obama in 2012, the second part, when Fitrakis comes in, will give you a good idea about the level of corruption, perfidy and dishonesty of our leaders. And be careful with Reverse Robbing Hoods. You will always be better off managing your own finances by yourself than to let these crooks do it for you…because they will do it for themselves. I also added an interview with an OHIO attorney, Cliff Arnebeck, if you want more details about the stealing of the 2004 election in the U.S.

Bob Fitrakis on the Peter B. Collins Show

Interview with Cliff Arnebeck on Talktainment Radio, hosted Bob Fitrakis

Obama’s policy on the Middle East: Three strikes out?

Here are two videos. The first shows Obama during the adress when he uttered the famous « 1967 lines » for the borders of Israel. The second is Obama’s presentation at AIPAC a few days later when he tried to say that he didn’t say what he said… I don’t know about you but I begin to turn sour about Obama. His Cairo speech was dubious but at that time, I wasn’t ready to think that he would put into jeopardy the future of the world. I thought he would favor an evolution of the situation in the Middle East, a resolution of the conflict. But still, it was kind of strike 1. Then happened the uprisings in North Africa. At this occasion, he could have taken the opportunity to warn the world and the American public about terrorist groups or Islamist/reactionary elements that could try to take advantage of these « revolutions » to further their own agenda. Did he do it? No, he endorsed the uprisings, he vouched for them regardless of whoever was involved, whatever their political platforms were, whatever their backgrounds were. Was it enough to throw the towel with Obama? No, that could still turn out good for the world, we would have to wait and see. But still, that was strike 2. And now, with that proposition on the 1967 lines, the terrible fiasco that it produced with Netanyahu during his last visit and the vote that is coming to the UN in september, I think that’s it. Three strikes out! I don’t see how this guy could be re-elected as President for another term. The world is more unstable now since he is in office, much more than when Bush was there… Can you imagine that? But, what is Obama’s agenda anyway? Are you sure that you know what it is? Because, speaking for myself, I don’t know. Is he an Islamist? Possibly. It’s beginning to be dubious and scary. He acts almost as if he would like the Islamists throughout the Middle East to get a firmer grip on their societies, at the detriment of pro-democratic elements and the West as a whole. After you watch these two, don’t forget to watch as well the marvelous presentation that Netanyahu gave to U.S. Congress a few days later. He took the opportunity then to retort as a real head of State can only do. Continuer la lecture

The symbolic execution of Osama bin Laden: a reverse 9/11 and the burial of the most wanted bogeyman

Well, it was due to happen one day or another. After all, its hard to have a bogeyman walking around free and not catch him. According to the official version, bin Laden has been hiding in a compound in Pakistan for years. The CIA, with the help of a courier who had access to the building, located him. So the President gave the order for the assault. After the execution, his body was allegedly transported to the sea where he was given to it in respect, or so we are told, to Islamic practices.

Well…I have a few questions, as many of us have. First, how come that the most well financed and organized intelligence agency in the world, or at least supposedly, the CIA, can’t find Osama bin Laden immediately after 9/11? How come it took them 10 years before being able to locate him? In an earlier post, I presented you a few extracts of one of late William Cooper‘s radio show The Hour of the Time. In that show, Cooper makes the case that a CNN reporter was able to find Osama bin Laden in June 2001, with a camera crew, but that the CIA couldn’t find him nevertheless, with all their resources. Don’t you find it strange? And don’t you find it strange too that the CIA, knowing at that point where bin Laden was, didn’t do anything to capture him before 9/11? The CNN reporter could have led the CIA to bin Laden’s cache, case closed. But apparently, it was not that important to catch bin Laden after all. Second, if in fact he was hiding in Pakistan, what is the level of involvement of the Pakistani government, military or intelligence service in this? If that’s the case, they were definitely playing behind our backs, but that would be consistent with the ISI modus operandi anyway. Third, the Americans can’t produce the body… How convenient. Also, the Administration said it can’t produce any photographs of bin Laden’s body because these might be too graphic and bloody and could thus inflame reactions in the Muslim world. Again, how convenient. No body, no photos. In a court of law, these proceedings would be turn down. Any violent death and its cause has to be authenticated by a coroner. The Special Forces proceeded with a burial at sea, supposedly to be in conformity with Islamic Law. It made the body disappear however, so it is impossible for anyone to confirm and authentify the identity and death of the world’s most famous bogeyman. A few reactions came already from the Muslim world saying that this burial at sea was not at all in conformity with Islamic Law. 2000 years ago, the body of Jesus was snatched and now it is bin Laden’s body that is. Are they trying to tell us something here? Fourth, the Administration said that a DNA test was performed and that bin Laden’s identity was confirmed at 99,9%. However, according to a Canadian doctor in my area, apparently a DNA test takes 3 weeks to complete. So? How come they managed to have the results in just a few hours or minutes after the « death »? Continuer la lecture

Susan Lindauer new book « Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover-ups of 9/11 and Iraq »

Listen to this interview with Peter B. Collins of the Peter B. Collins Show where she talks about her experience as a U.S. intelligence operative and the ordeal she had to go through under the Patriot Act.