The seastedding movement and Star Trek: « The Next Generation » of fascists sails offshore

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This last show of Dave Emory’s For The Record looks at the seastedding movement, a new trend in fascist ideology that seeks to create independent « cities » offshore, i.e. outside any country’s jurisdiction, in gigantic seaships as big as aircraft carriers. Individuals such as Patri Friedman, grandson of fascist economist Milton Friedman, and Peter Thiel, co-founder of Pay-Pal, support this movement that intersects, among other elements of the corporate community, with the Koch Brothers, the Carlyle Group and Palantir firm. « Charter Cities » is another variation of this scheme in which control of particular cities will be turned over to corporations. Henry Ford, one of Adolf Hitler’s early backers and main source of inspiration, tried such an experiment with the city of « Forlandia » in Brazil, which failed.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder seems to have been working behind the scenes to implement a local mixture of seastedding in his own state. Applying the basic principals of Shock Doctrine, he recently submitted a budget for the State of Michigan that is expected to cut financial aid to cities and towns. As a result, evidently, much of those cities will end up in difficult financial situation. By pure « coincidence », Snyder is also pushing a bill that would give him and his administration the power to declare certain towns and cities in a state of financial « emergency ». The bill specifies that the Governor will then be in a legal position to appoint a kind of « czar » figure to manage the « crisis » for a particular town and that that czar will have the power to do virtually anything, including to terminate collective bargain agreements or any other contracts and to dismiss elected officials. In the end, the management of these towns in « crisis » will be turned over to corporations that will have the power to even terminate them at will.

The shock doctrine in short: create the crisis, then bring the « remedy »…which inevitably puts into motion the agenda of the elite and leave the people behind with the problems. Why do you think these billionaires want to take a distance from the common man, i.e. all of us, in the near future? Because they know that they have wrecked the train of the economy and of civilization itself, and that all of their destructive machinations and schemes will soon bear fruit. So when humanity will struggle to survive in a world where the litre of petroleum will cost $10 and a can of soup $15, and that civil war will be ongoing everywhere for survival and to satisfy basic needs, our dear friends of the seastedding movement, these second generation fascists/nazis, will quietly eat pop-corn and drink soda while watching Hollywood’s latest mind-control production featuring whatever non-actors will be popular at this time.

All of this makes me think of Star Trek, the fantatic tv series. Star Trek began in the late 1960. It was created by the visionary (or the insider?) Gene Roddenberry. The Star Trek saga spread over 5 different tv series and several movies, before it began to show fatigue. The latest series was despicable and stupid and the production had to pull the plug before its due time, which has come to be the standard of 7 years. The original series shows a world in which the Earth is unified under a single government, with no cash, no wars, no poverty, no hunger. The Earth is member of a federation of habitable planets, the United Federation of Planets, that have agreed to live under certain moral and organizational standards. By the way, the resemblance with the United Nations is striking. The crew of the Enterprise (note the name of the ship…does this sound like the corporate community?) travels in space to « explore strange new worlds, seek out new civilizations and boldly go where no man has gone before ». The series that followed afterwards continued to develop that theme and overall they presented some of the most interesting moments in all television history. I think it is not exaggerated to say that.

All of this is really cute. However, if one looks below the surface, it is not quite that beautiful. First, the world of ST is a military environment. It is not democracy. Once the captain has given his/her orders, you have to carry on. Second, and it is rather obvious in the original series, you, the viewer, never have the occasion to see the inhabitants of the Earth in this 23rd century. This very fact gives us an idea of the level of detachment and distance that the creators of ST, Gene Roddenberry and his entourage, might have contemplated while putting in form the template for the series. The fact that there is no form of cash, no wars, no hunger, no poverty — in other terms that everything is fine and perfect — increases the utopian quality of that vision of the world, simply because such a world never existed and never will, due to human nature.

In the second series, « The Next Generation« , there is a species called the Borg. The Borg reproduce by assimilating other biological species. Pieces of technology are added to make them « Borg », whether it is nano technology, pieces of metal, synthetic organs, etc. The Borg have no individual thoughts or will. The thoughts and desires are repressed by the Hive-Mind and a « Queen » is in charge of the Collective. Is it a reference to the Queen of England, that they would like to portray in a bad manner? I don’t know. Anyway, all the Borg do all day long is calculate this, calculate that, change an engineering piece, check the plasma flow, etc. On the other side, the crew of the Enterprise always behave as if they were superior to the Borg. They say that they respect individuality, freedom, free will, feelings and emotions, etc. Speaking from the point of view of somebody who watched these series for years, who has seen certain episodes maybe 20 or 3o times, and who have even begun a Ph. D. thesis on that years ago, I can tell you that the United Federation of Planets is just the flip side of the Borg. The two are identical, with the difference that the Federation, compared to the Borg, is clean-cut, dust-free…and hypocritical. And that’s where you can see the inherent fascist nature of Star Trek. The « Enterprise » represents the corporate community that has created a bunch of bad guys, « the Borg », onto which project their perversions. When viewing episodes of Star Trek, you have the impression sometimes of watching a bunch of fascists lecturing other fascists with different clothes. What if the Nazis were the bad guys of the real world?

In the last days of WWII, Martin Bormann, grand financier and right-arm man of Adolf Hitler, shipped overseas the main body of the wealth that the Third Reich had plundered and pillaged in the countries they occupied. Money, gold, treasury bonds, shares, etc, were transfered into 750 new corporations overseas (of Germany), besides the hundreds of corporations and holding companies in which Germany already had shares and patents. By a complex stratagem of cloaks, Martin Bormann could hide German ownership of hundreds of companies and shares, stocks. This was done because Germany was not in a position to win the military war, but could very well win the progaganda and the economic war that will follow WWII…and that is still going to this very day. Martin Bormann prepared the Reich for its resurrection, and it began with the rebirth of the Federal Republic of Germany. What we call the « German miracle » is just another fallacy concocted by ignorant journalists who had no idea what was going on…or on the contrary who knew very well but kept their mouth shut for various reasons.

Today, since the collapse of the U.S.S.R., we see free market capitalism triumph everywhere, at the detriment of local populations. The « Next Generation » is, indeed, now in the driver seat. Reagan and Thatcher were the early messengers of this return, the Rise of the Phoenix of Germany which, incidently, was shown into almost a theatrical form with those 33 minors that rose from the underground in Chile, in a cabin called « The Phoenix ». Note here that it is also a reference to the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. The Next Generation is here to continue where the first generation had to abandon in 1945. Its members have an agenda of destruction for humanity and for the Earth, that’s why they are constructing these immense megalomaniac hyperbolic ship-cities to get away from the trouble they have set. Whether it is in a city on the ground outside any jurisdiction but their own, in a ship-city on the ocean, in a spaceship like the Enterprise, in an offshore paradise island, in a monastary-city on the top of a mountain, or in any other place like that, it is clear that this « elite » if we can call it this way, is preparing to get out of trouble precisely because they expect the worst. The destruction of the world, mass-exterminations, worldwide civil war, famine and pestilence, or all of these? I don’t know what will happen. But just think for one second. How would you react if you would see your boss or the person in charge of a business or a country take off suddenly with only his clothes on, his wallot and a laptop and disappear? Wouldn’t you feel as if some kind of accident or disaster was about to happen? I think it is precisely what we are witnessing. The elite of the world is in a hurry to get away from us, and with reason.

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