Entrevue #10 avec Peter Levenda sur l’héritage hitlérien et le djihad mondial

Ceci est la dernière de la série de dix entrevues accordées à l’animateur radio Dave Emory pour l’émission For The Record. Entre autres excellents points abordés ici par Peter Levenda, auteur de The Hitler Legacy, il attire notre attention (vers 30:00 minutes) sur le fait que le politicien autrichien d’extrême-droite Jörg Haider aurait reçu du financement de la part de dictateurs du Moyen-Orient comme Kadhafi et Saddam Hussein. Décédé en 2008, il aurait possédé des comptes de banque au Luxembourg et au Liechtenstein où ces personnages aurait déposé ces sommes. Vers 49:00 minutes, il raconte également la rencontre qu’il a eu en 2007 avec un des co-fondateurs du groupe terroriste Jemaah Islamiyah, Abu Bakr Ba’asyir.

FTR #847 Interview (#10) with Peter Levenda about “The Hitler Legacy”

Pourquoi la NSA a de très bonnes raisons de mettre Angela Merkel sous écoute

Dans un programme radio ainsi que dans un article récents, Dave Emory a exposé les raisons, tout à fait valables, qui ont amené la NSA américaine à mettre le téléphone cellulaire d’Angela Merkel sous écoute. Je vous invite à prendre le temps de consulter et l’article écrit et la présentation orale radio. L’animateur radio et blogueur Dave Emory se remet d’une opération chirurgicale à la bouche qu’il a subie dernièrement. Privé d’une partie de ses dents, il parle comme un vieillard mais cela n’enlève rien à la qualité du matériel qu’il présente. Emory développe ici des thèses sur lesquelles il travaille depuis des années. En gros, il expose les liens qui unissent le premier attentat sur le World Trade Center, l’attentat d’Oklahoma City et le deuxième attentat sur le WTC. Photos à l’appui, il nous fait connaître le personnage mystérieux d’Andreas Strassmeier, fils du chef d’état-major de Helmut Kohl, qui a une étrange ressemblance avec le second suspect de l’attentat d’Oklahoma City. Aussi, par une série de liens et en entrecoupant certaines informations, il nous fait voir que le service de renseignement allemand, le BND, était probablement impliqué dans ces attentats, ce qui explique pourquoi la NSA était certainement motivée à mettre Angela Merkel et autres responsables politiques allemands sous écoute. Encore une fois, je rappelle qu’il est idiot de reprocher aux agences de renseignements américaines d’espionner des responsables étrangers. Tout le monde le fait. Tout le monde le fait, surtout quand ils ont de bonnes raisons. Voici les liens:

Memo to Merkel: Get a Grip!

Pour retrouver les liens pour l’émission de radio

Tony Gosling: Martin Bormann, post-WWII nazism and the state of corruption in the UK

More information about Paul Manning and his book Martin Bormann Nazi in Exile

FTR #152 Update on Germany

William Stevenson: The Bormann Brotherhood


November 22nd, the anniversary of the assassination of JFK: An occasion to discover the works of Mae Brussel

One of the first individuals to have researched and studied the assassination of President JFK is Mae Brussel, an American women and radio host who dedicated her life to unmask the Underground Reich, literally a Third Reich gone underground at the end of WWII. In the tradition of pioneer American journalists such as Edward R. Murrow and Paul Manning, Mae Brussel opened a whole field of research that we could label as « fascism studies », or in other terms, the intellectual and scientific study of the political and ideological movement called fascism, which is far from being dead. On the contrary, it is on the rise due to the state of deep sleep in which the populations of the world are, especially in the « free » world. Fascism, functioning like a mafia in its underground phase, is slowly gangrening, corroding, corrupting, decomposing the societies of the world and especially « free » democracies. The works of Mae Brussel inspired other reseachers, radio hosts and writers, such as the excellent anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory, and more recently top-of-the-notch journalist and writer Russ Baker in a marvelous book titled Family of Secrets, an incredible research endeavour on the history of the Bush family and the links they entertain with the milieu surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy. Mae Brussel died of cancer in 1988. So please, take a few moments to get acquainted with this amazing women. I provide here the link to her website, maintained by Tim Canale, and another one to an article that she wrote originally for The Rebel publication that relates specifically to the assassination of President Kennedy and the Underground Reich.


The Nazi Connection to the John F. Kennedy Assassination

What a better way to « celebrate » November 9th than reading Martin Bormann Nazi in Exile?

On this blessed day for all Nazis, I just thought it would be fair to remind folks about some real history. The Reich didn’t stop their activities on May 1st 1945. It continued underground into the form of a capital network capable of influencing decisions, manufacturing key events, thus directing and changing history. The main character responsible for this was Adolf Hitler’s right-hand man and financier, Martin Bormann. Paul Manning, a wartime reporter for CBS who was trained as a gunner, have written an exceptional book titled Martin Bormann Nazi in Exile. I strongly suggest that you get acquainted with that remarkable research. The book is pivotal in any effort to understand the world of today. I have written a book review that you can access here. You will also find a link to download a PDF version of it and a URL to read it online.

Martin Borman Nazi in Exile

Addendum to Brave New World preschools in Sweden: More possible links between IKEA and fascism

In a recent post about a school in Sweden that teaches kids how to bypass « stereotypization » in terms of gender roles, I alluded to the fact that IKEA stores have on-site day-care centers and that these two facts, although seemingly unrelated, could very well be. In a larger scheme, they could represent the implementation of a totalitarian agenda of some kind, probably fascist because of its similarities with the world depicted in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. In a recent blog post, anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory brought some more meat around the bone of that trail of enquiry. Emory sees a possible connection between Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA, and the Bormann Capital Network that he so often talked about. For those who don’t know, this network represent more than 750 corporations that Martin Bormann, the successor to Adolf Hitler, created abroad in neutral countries to be able to ship out the entire Nazi loot that they had plundered during WWII. Sweden has the « prestigious » title of the most important recipient of these corporations, hosting 233 out of the 750. Author Elisabeth Asbrink in a new book explores these links between Kamprad and nazism. Emory also notes that the name of Per Engdahl is be remembered in the rising and development of post-WWII fascism and in connection with Kamprad.

The seastedding movement and Star Trek: « The Next Generation » of fascists sails offshore

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This last show of Dave Emory’s For The Record looks at the seastedding movement, a new trend in fascist ideology that seeks to create independent « cities » offshore, i.e. outside any country’s jurisdiction, in gigantic seaships as big as aircraft carriers. Individuals such as Patri Friedman, grandson of fascist economist Milton Friedman, and Peter Thiel, co-founder of Pay-Pal, support this movement that intersects, among other elements of the corporate community, with the Koch Brothers, the Carlyle Group and Palantir firm. « Charter Cities » is another variation of this scheme in which control of particular cities will be turned over to corporations. Henry Ford, one of Adolf Hitler’s early backers and main source of inspiration, tried such an experiment with the city of « Forlandia » in Brazil, which failed.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder seems to have been working behind the scenes to implement a local mixture of seastedding in his own state. Applying the basic principals of Shock Doctrine, he recently submitted a budget for the State of Michigan that is expected to cut financial aid to cities and towns. As a result, evidently, much of those cities will end up in difficult financial situation. By pure « coincidence », Snyder is also pushing a bill that would give him and his administration the power to declare certain towns and cities in a state of financial « emergency ». The bill specifies that the Governor will then be in a legal position to appoint a kind of « czar » figure to manage the « crisis » for a particular town and that that czar will have the power to do virtually anything, including to terminate collective bargain agreements or any other contracts and to dismiss elected officials. In the end, the management of these towns in « crisis » will be turned over to corporations that will have the power to even terminate them at will. Continuer la lecture