German corporate control of American media and the meltdown

In recent rebroadcast of previous shows FTR# 298 and FTR#671, Dave Emory explored German corporate control over American media. Contrasting greatly with the so-called Jewish or Israeli lobby theory that we hear so often on so many tribunes and that is often only a masquerade to hide anti-semitic views, but not always, these two shows try to bring into the light things that are really happening to America since WWII. Far away from being the object of a takeover by « Zionist » elements within the United States, the home-of-the-brave country has been subdued and hypnotized by elements belonging to the Underground Reich, or to say things differently, by the international cartel of finance institutions, banks and corporations that is slowly but surely taking control of the whole planet and enslaving the entire population to its arbitrary dictates.

Among other elements looked upon in FTR #298, we find the German publishing house Bertelsmann that owns Random House, which is the biggest publishing house in the English language in the world, being under special examination (other shows exist that deals further with Bertelsmann). We can learn here that Bertelsmann was the major publisher for the Nazis during WWII. According to the research made by Dave Emory, Bertelsmann is linked to the Bormann Capital Network. Also called Underground Reich, this Network was created by Martin Bormann, the leader of the Nazi Party after WWII, in the last months of the war. In effect, he smuggled abroad almost the entire nazi loot and wealth that the Nazis had plundered during WWII in all the countries that they occupied, to be saved and secured into 750 corporations that he created overseas. He also invested huge chunks of this capital into holdings companies, creating thus an immense network of wealth that was used after the war to rebuild Germany and buy professional opinion…in the media and other activities around the world…and also in the U.S.

The Bormann Capital Network also has an influence in Israel and throughout the international Jewish community, unfortunately, as the Federal Republic of Germany has paid more than 85.3 billions of marks by 1977 to survivors of the holocaust. The Network also has taken care of several Jewish communities in South America, which in turn extended its grip and control over other regions or activities in the world. One can find blueprints for the advancement of this Underground Reich, or international cartel of finance institutions, banks and corporations, in books that have been published recently. The Turner Diaries and Serpent’s walk fall into that category. Personally, I would call them « second generation » blueprints, if one considers that books such as Brave New World and 1984 were first generation.

FTR #671 continues this analysis using this time a 1950 Circular Letter written for members of the Underground Reich around the world that was foreseeing a financial crisis in the United States. A « New World Order » was contemplated in Germany as the result of the collapse of the United States. Emory also uses in this broadcast some articles found in a Christian magazine called The Trumpet. Author Sara Moore sees great similarities between deflationary stances in Germany before the Great Depression and in the U.S. before the 2008 global financial collapse. Among other elements, Emory recalls Friedrich List’s Pan-German theories and ruminations and brings to our attention the fact that the EU and the Euro are the historical realizations of what List foresaw and hoped for for Europe. Emory completes the show using more sources of information to bring a complete picture into the light expressing how we, the so-called Allies, we have been had by the Nazis, or betrayed by the very people responsible for our protection, or both. It’s up to us now to save our civilization that is under attack by these totalitarian stooges.

FTR #298 Update on German Corporate Control over American Media

FTR #671 Germany, The Underground Reich and The Global Financial Crisis

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