The ‘room 101’ treatment of Tommy Robinson…

It is a very dark day for Great Britain. Tommy Robinson has just been released from prison, and that’s good news. The bad news is, as anyone can see in this interview given to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, that Robinson has apparently suffered from some kind of psychological damage or trauma as a consequence of his imprisonment. Will that damage be permanent? Nobody knows but the British government bears responsibility. During the interview, Robinson recalls that he was placed in solitary confinement in a prison with a large representation of Muslims and that those Muslims used to throw feces through his open window, among other things. He was arrested on very disputable grounds, his rights were not respected, due process was not followed, etc. The whole thing seemed like a kangaroo court-type of procedure. The look of horror on Tucker Carlson’s face while Robinson tells his story is worth the trip because it says it all. What country on Earth, supposedly a democratic one, would treat one of its citizens like that, especially a patriot who, beside a few minor things, does nothing wrong and is beyond reproach? Great Britain apparently.

But why, would you ask yourself. Let me provide my own explanation. Robinson was arrested simply because he was protesting in front of a court building where a specific case that interested him was held. Authorities used the pretext that he was already in the vicinity of a court building to bring him in, if you know what I mean, before a judge. Again why? Probably because they wanted to punish him for doing the unthinkable: speaking his mind, courageously, in public. In effect, he was the one who read the famous speech at Speaker’s Corner that Martin Sellner, in the company of Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern, was supposed to give there. You see, it has been a long time since Great Britain is no longer a democracy. Remember that both George Orwell’ 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World see their action taking place in Great Britain. It is not an accident. Also, the famous cult TV series The Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan, was a british production. These three artistic productions were trying to portray reality as it is, not the fantasy world that the media would like us to believe. And by the way, Canada is a former british colony (they took over from the French in 1760) and curiously, I have seen before these kind of tactics. I can recognize the modus operandi. They are used regularly here against individuals with a strong mind a strong personality, so I am not surprised. Business as usual in the British Empire.

However here, contrary to the life of relative comfort and abundance that Patrick McGoohan’s character enjoyed in The Prisoner, Tommy Robinson was given a treatment reminiscent more of the ‘room 101′ treatment in George Orwell’ 1984. In that novel, room 101 was the room where the prisoners were interrogated and tortured to break their will and their mind. And I think this whole episode with Tommy Robinson has to be considered like that. The powers that be in Great Britain are trying to break him psychologically, and to a certain degree, they seem to have succeeded at least partially and temporarily, judging by the non-verbal signals and language given in this interview. We have to denounce that vigorously because if we don’t, tomorrow, it could be anyone of us going down the same road. Yes, it is a dark for Great Britain. The least the government could do would be to apologize to him and drop charges. Will they do it? Don’t hold your breath…

Entretien avec Laurent Obertone sur La France Big Brother

Rares sont ceux en France de nos jours pouvant encore revendiquer le titre d’intellectuels. C’est le cas de Laurent Obertone qui, en compagnie de quelques autres guerriers, font parti d’un club très sélect d’écrivains et de journalistes français qui pensent encore…comme si la pensée elle-même était devenue ringarde, dépassée. Les Obertone, Zemmour, Finkielkraut, Onfray, Lugan et quelques autres sont les derniers osant encore pratiquer cet art devenu maudit. L’auteur présente ici les thèses de son dernier livre, La France Big Brother. Le constat qu’il livre sur l’état de la société française et même occidentale, bien que très déprimant et cinglant, est néanmoins exact et précis. Il tient des propos d’une grande lucidité qui font défaut aux hommes politiques d’hier et d’aujourd’hui. Les forces totalitaires ayant comme modèle de société Le Meilleur des Mondes et 1984 ont pris le contrôle de la société occidentale par en-dessous, tranquillement, petit à petit, étape par étape, sans que cela paraisse. Le processus est maintenant tellement avancé qu’il faudrait une réaction sans précédent et extrême pour faire marche arrière. Cette réaction a peu de chance de se produire aujourd’hui, si on considère la force hypnotique, magnétique et de lavage de cerveaux qui est produite par les instruments modernes de communication qui sont la télévision, la publicité et les campagnes de « sensibilisation », qui constituent souvent en fait de la propagande déguisée. Ces outils n’existaient que dans des formes très rudimentaires dans les années vingt, trente et quarante, ce qui rendait possible ce qu’on appelle la « réaction » en politique. Le fascisme est un mouvement politique complexe et il y en aurait long à dire sur les régimes qui ont pris forme en Allemagne, en Italie, au Portugal et en Espagne pour contrer l’influence du communisme ou pour contribuer à diminuer ses effets. Les régimes fascistes ayant connu la défaite sur le plan militaire, les communistes et les socialistes ont pu installer leur système à leur guise après la guerre, en se servant de la puissance économique et militaire des États-Unis. Le résultat est que nous vivons aujourd’hui dans un monde qui est pire en fait que celui qui était rejeté et combattu par ceux qui étaient dans la Résistance. Au lieu d’avoir Adolf Hitler, on a maintenant une élite mondialiste et pro-islamiste qui est en train d’installer une société de type Big Brother sur le plan mondial. Ces gens maintiennent leur pouvoir par la terreur. Ils ont besoin des terroristes pour maintenir leur emprise sur les consciences. Cet entretien est à écouter avec beaucoup d’attention. Il se fait tard.

Conférence de François Asselineau sur l’Europe sécuritaire

Nous vivons dans un monde de fous. La vie privée a disparu, l’habeas corpus et le concept même d’identité ont volé en éclats. Asselineau présente ici certains exemples montrant comment tout cela se manifeste dans l’Europe d’aujourd’hui.

German corporate control of American media and the meltdown

In recent rebroadcast of previous shows FTR# 298 and FTR#671, Dave Emory explored German corporate control over American media. Contrasting greatly with the so-called Jewish or Israeli lobby theory that we hear so often on so many tribunes and that is often only a masquerade to hide anti-semitic views, but not always, these two shows try to bring into the light things that are really happening to America since WWII. Far away from being the object of a takeover by « Zionist » elements within the United States, the home-of-the-brave country has been subdued and hypnotized by elements belonging to the Underground Reich, or to say things differently, by the international cartel of finance institutions, banks and corporations that is slowly but surely taking control of the whole planet and enslaving the entire population to its arbitrary dictates.

Among other elements looked upon in FTR #298, we find the German publishing house Bertelsmann that owns Random House, which is the biggest publishing house in the English language in the world, being under special examination (other shows exist that deals further with Bertelsmann). We can learn here that Bertelsmann was the major publisher for the Nazis during WWII. According to the research made by Dave Emory, Bertelsmann is linked to the Bormann Capital Network. Also called Underground Reich, this Network was created by Martin Bormann, the leader of the Nazi Party after WWII, in the last months of the war. In effect, he smuggled abroad almost the entire nazi loot and wealth that the Nazis had plundered during WWII in all the countries that they occupied, to be saved and secured into 750 corporations that he created overseas. He also invested huge chunks of this capital into holdings companies, creating thus an immense network of wealth that was used after the war to rebuild Germany and buy professional opinion…in the media and other activities around the world…and also in the U.S. Continuer la lecture