The controlled demolition of America on 9/11: Meet the Saudis and their Islamic nano-thermites

I will try in this post to do the impossible: assemble and summarize the most important elements of information available on 9/11 but that are not, for the most part, belonging to the official version. I rely for this, as it is often the case, on Dave Emory’s research, and as well on other sources, such as Daniel Hopsicker’s investigative reporting and John Loftus’ vast knowledge in intelligence. This is definitely the most complicated, complex, deep and troubling file probably of all modern times, so please bear with me. I have already presented the financial and economical aspects of 9/11 in an earlier post, so check it out for more information.

First, the main lead concerning 9/11 seems to implicate the Saudis, especially the Royal Family and the bin Laden family. The Bush Administration refused to release to the 9/11 Commission as much as ¾ of the national security papers available during the Clinton era, in all probability for the highly sensitive material that they contain. According to some sources in the journalistic community that Emory cites, previous attempts to use planes to launch terrorist attacks were contemplated in the years prior to 9/11 by Al-Qaeda, involving in some cases the Eiffel Tower, the city of Tel-Aviv in Israel, various other targets…and the World Trade Center. Several intelligence agencies throughout the world, such as Egyptian, Italian and Israeli intelligence, and in the U.S., tried to warn the Administration of an imminent attack that would take place around the Millenium, but their warnings were ignored. U.S. dependency on Saudi oil and the considerable reinvestment that the Saudis effectuate in the U.S. played a key role in the cover up of this intelligence.

John O’Neil, a FBI agent, was dispatched in Yemen to investigate the USS Cole bombing in october 2000. His investigation was constantly blocked by the U.S. ambassador there, Barbara Bodine, who was trying to save the good diplomatic relations that exists between Yemen, the Saudi Royal Family and the U.S.. Various elements of the 9/11 file indicate that the FBI, the CIA and the NSA told their agents working on terrorist incidents and/or on individuals suspected to be members of terrorist organizations to stay off the Saudis. That’s unfortunate, because according to John O’Neill, the FBI had enough evidence to  arrest and accuse Osama bin Laden for the bombing of the USS Cole. Note in passing that some of the 9/11 hijackers have also been previously involved in the Cole attack. O’Neill complained that the Saudis interrogated the Cole bombing suspects themselves, while the FBI was relagated on the side on some secondary tasks. O’Neill died on 9/11 in the WTC. After resigning from the FBI, he was hired as security chief for the Twin Towers. 9/11 was his first day on the job.

Another key element of the 9/11 file is the pipeline project that was contemplated to be constructed, passing through Afghanistan to the Caspian Sea. Enron was in charge of the negociations with the Taliban and Al-Qaeda on behalf of an American company. The negociations collapsed in August 2001. For some reason, these were done in secret, which created a blackout in intelligence. Thus, it opened the doors for Muhammed Atef, Al-Qaeda military chief, to launch an attack on the U.S., knowing that both the FBI and the CIA have been blinded by their superiors to keep these negociations secret. Also note that in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, Omar, Abdullah and Khalil bin Laden were flown out of the U.S. by the Bush Administration, while nobody else in the country could fly…

I found a documentary on PBS that deals with FBI agent John O’Neill and his story. It represents a supplemental source of information that you can consult. I have join lots of posts by Dave Emory, the most important being FTR #454, and lots by Daniel Hopsicker. As an investigative reporter, Hopsicker specializes in business deals, drug trafficking and organized crime. His findings are remarkable. In a nutshell, he found that Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi, the two main hijackers of the planes of 9/11, infiltrated a network of drug trafficking, the same network that was used during the Iran-Contra affair, and that was still in use. Knowing that there was a blackout of intelligence because of the pipeline negociations conducted by Enron, all they had to do was to infltrate the network, learn to fly a plane and launch the attack on the designated day, which was 9/11. For more information on the drug trafficking connections between the Iran-Contra network and the 9/11 hijackers, see this earlier post.

By the way, Anglo-Saxons write the date differently from their Europeans counterparts. Europeans write the date first, and then the month, while Anglo-Saxons write the month first, and then the date. November 9th is the most important date in the Nazi calendar. It is the anniversary of the Beer Hall putsch attempt made by Hitler in 1923, the date of the Crystal Nacht, etc, and the date on which the Berlin Wall came down. So in order to keep the sequence of numbers intact, anyone wanting to commemorate November 9th would have had to launch a coup on September 11th…and that’s exactly what happened. Finally, note also that an attempt was made on the life of President Bush on the morning of 9/11. Four Arab men passing as journalists came to the resort where Bush was residing at that moment, pretending having an interview with him. They were turned away by the Secret Service. It can’t be a coincidence that this attempt was made on the same day the WTC was hit. I have embedded a video showing Bush’s reaction when he was told by his entourage that the WTC had been hit. Judging by these images, either he had prior knowledge…or he was told to keep quiet for a few minutes at the peril of his own life. But we will never know what he has been told, won’t we.

It is a difficult subject, so take the time to review the information, to read the posts, listen to the shows and reflect. The official version is roughly O.K. but the way it is told is not. Is it possible that certain means of destruction presented by the « 9/11 Truth » movement could have played a role, such as controlled demolition, use of nano-thermites, pre-wired buildings and so forth? In theory, anything is possible. But that is not the point. Solving a mystery or writing history as things really happened is similar to conducting a criminal investigation. First you have to ask yourself the real questions like: « Who benefits? », « Who could have a motive? », « Who could have the resources to do it », etc. And then, you can begin assembling the clues and evidence and when you have enough, you can proceed with an arrest and accusation. The problem is, that’s exactly what American authorities have not done for the reasons presented in this post. My sympathies to all families who lost loved ones on 9/11. I hope that, one day, we will be able to have these criminals, the biggest ones like the smallest, pay the price what for they have done to humanity. Do you really need other explanations to understand that we have to put an end to our dependency on Saudi oil? Check this earlier post, to read about the need for North America to become independent in terms of energy supply to protect ourselves from such heinous crime. I have also attached an amateur video shot by a Canadian during the attacks. For those who still want to believe that there were no planes and that the Pentagon shot missiles instead, here is the proof to the contrary.

Watch the full episode. See more FRONTLINE.

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The secret history of 9/11

The secret history of 9/11


Mohammed Atta

Mohammed Atta

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