Entrevue avec Daniel Hopsicker sur le trafic de drogues en Amérique

Je profite de l’occasion pour recommander la lecture du livre d’Alain Rodier, officier supérieur du renseignement français, Le crime organisé. Du Canada à la Terre de Feu. L’ouvrage de Rodier et les trouvailles faites par le journaliste Hopsicker se complémentent sur plusieurs aspects. À vous d’en faire la découverte en commençant, par exemple, par écouter cette excellente entrevue.

Daniel Hopsicker sur For The Record

Pourquoi la NSA a de très bonnes raisons de mettre Angela Merkel sous écoute

Dans un programme radio ainsi que dans un article récents, Dave Emory a exposé les raisons, tout à fait valables, qui ont amené la NSA américaine à mettre le téléphone cellulaire d’Angela Merkel sous écoute. Je vous invite à prendre le temps de consulter et l’article écrit et la présentation orale radio. L’animateur radio et blogueur Dave Emory se remet d’une opération chirurgicale à la bouche qu’il a subie dernièrement. Privé d’une partie de ses dents, il parle comme un vieillard mais cela n’enlève rien à la qualité du matériel qu’il présente. Emory développe ici des thèses sur lesquelles il travaille depuis des années. En gros, il expose les liens qui unissent le premier attentat sur le World Trade Center, l’attentat d’Oklahoma City et le deuxième attentat sur le WTC. Photos à l’appui, il nous fait connaître le personnage mystérieux d’Andreas Strassmeier, fils du chef d’état-major de Helmut Kohl, qui a une étrange ressemblance avec le second suspect de l’attentat d’Oklahoma City. Aussi, par une série de liens et en entrecoupant certaines informations, il nous fait voir que le service de renseignement allemand, le BND, était probablement impliqué dans ces attentats, ce qui explique pourquoi la NSA était certainement motivée à mettre Angela Merkel et autres responsables politiques allemands sous écoute. Encore une fois, je rappelle qu’il est idiot de reprocher aux agences de renseignements américaines d’espionner des responsables étrangers. Tout le monde le fait. Tout le monde le fait, surtout quand ils ont de bonnes raisons. Voici les liens:

Memo to Merkel: Get a Grip!

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Learn more about Operation Diamondback with Sander Hicks and Allan Duncan on For The Record

Excerpt from the broadcast:

At the meet­ing, Abbas made a chill­ing dis­clo­sure: that the World Trade Cen­ter tow­ers were “com­ing down.” “The tony Tribeca Grill, owned by Robert DeNiro, was just north of the World Trade Cen­ter in 1999. Abbas boasted to his din­ner com­pan­ions that he wouldn’t have any prob­lem tak­ing out the entire down­town restau­rant. ‘Because it’s full of Amer­i­cans.’ Towards the end of the meal, he ges­tured out towards the Twin Tow­ers. ‘Those tow­ers are com­ing down.’[Empha­sis added.]” (Ibid.; p. 2.)

Conversation with Sander Hicks and Allan Duncan

The controlled demolition of America on 9/11, part II: Richard Clarke’s allegations and the Underground Reich

Decidedly, the 9/11 case is the worst of all times. Not only there are countless dimensions and connections to be aware of and that need to be stressed but in the end, there are so many threads that one has difficulty keeping the focus on what really matters. In part I, I took a look at the direct links between the reactionary religious bigotry that is encouraged in Saudi Arabia and terrorism activity in general in the years just prior to 9/11. The Saudi connection seemed to have played a major role in the engineering, crafting and carrying of the 9/11 attacks. In another post a few days earlier, I took a look at the connections between international drug cartels and the hijackers. Let me recall that Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi infiltrated the Iran-Contra network involved in drug trafficking that was still in use at the time of 9/11.

This second part article will take a look rather on the flipside of part I. I will try to provide a picture of what could have gone wrong inside the U.S. to have 9/11 happened despite all the intelligence agencies, the FBI and all the capable people within the government. As a starting point, I will bring to your attention something that has made the news in the progressive sector last week but that was totally ignored, or close to that, in the mainstream press. Two young producers, Ray Nowosielski and John Duffy, made an interview with Richard Clarke, NSC Chief of Counterterrorism from 1992-2001, in October 2009. They recently launched a website to publish the interview and related articles and news. The site was temporarily taken offline due to CIA legal threats. To sum things up, Richard Clarke alleges that he was kept in the dark about the presence in the U.S. of two Al-Qaeda agents, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar, that would become some of the hijackers that flew American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon. His allegations concern directly three key individuals who were within the government apparatus at the time of 9/11, George Tenet, head of the CIA, Cofer Black, head of the Counterterrorism Center of the CIA, and Richard Blee, who was made Chief of bin Laden Unit in 1999 at Alec station, a listening post in the Middle East dedicated to Al-Qaeda. To watch the interview with Clarke, you can visit their website. Continuer la lecture

The controlled demolition of America on 9/11: Meet the Saudis and their Islamic nano-thermites

I will try in this post to do the impossible: assemble and summarize the most important elements of information available on 9/11 but that are not, for the most part, belonging to the official version. I rely for this, as it is often the case, on Dave Emory’s research, and as well on other sources, such as Daniel Hopsicker’s investigative reporting and John Loftus’ vast knowledge in intelligence. This is definitely the most complicated, complex, deep and troubling file probably of all modern times, so please bear with me. I have already presented the financial and economical aspects of 9/11 in an earlier post, so check it out for more information.

First, the main lead concerning 9/11 seems to implicate the Saudis, especially the Royal Family and the bin Laden family. The Bush Administration refused to release to the 9/11 Commission as much as ¾ of the national security papers available during the Clinton era, in all probability for the highly sensitive material that they contain. According to some sources in the journalistic community that Emory cites, previous attempts to use planes to launch terrorist attacks were contemplated in the years prior to 9/11 by Al-Qaeda, involving in some cases the Eiffel Tower, the city of Tel-Aviv in Israel, various other targets…and the World Trade Center. Several intelligence agencies throughout the world, such as Egyptian, Italian and Israeli intelligence, and in the U.S., tried to warn the Administration of an imminent attack that would take place around the Millenium, but their warnings were ignored. U.S. dependency on Saudi oil and the considerable reinvestment that the Saudis effectuate in the U.S. played a key role in the cover up of this intelligence. Continuer la lecture

Daniel Hopsicker and the New American Druglords: Let’s meet some of the nice people who were involved in 9/11

 9/11 is definitely is one the deepest trauma ever to have happened to America. Never we would have thought that our peaceful environment, western countries and cities would be disturbed by such a terrible event. We used to think that wars and trouble only happen elsewhere, in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, in other words everywhere but not here. We were wrong. A network of crooks have taken control of the Earth and they hit us with great savagery on that terrible day. Lead 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta learned to fly at Huffman Aviation fly school, located at Venice Airport, Florida. In these video segments that you can also find at independent investigative report Daniel Hopsicker’s website, Madcowprod.com, you will learn a few things about the connections between the 9/11 hijackers and international organized crime.

The documentary begins by talking about the character of Rudy Dekkers, who was all over the place in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. To give you some of the highlights, did you know that months just prior to 9/11 Venice Airport was literally swarmed by Arab men who had come there to learn to fly? Did you know that a DC9 was busted in Yucatan in 2006 flying from Venezuela carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine, and that that DC9 was owned by a St-Petersburg, FL, company that used an adress at Venice Airport? Did you know that the owner at the time of Huffman Aviation, Wally Hilliard, who also worked for the CIA, was caught with 43 pounds of heroin? Did you know that while in America ordinary citizens are strip-searched although the vast majority of them do nothing wrong, private planes are not inspected at all at Venice Airport and that no federal agencies recognizes any responsibility to do so? Have you ever been acquainted with the charming Michael Brassington, one of Wally Hilliard’s pilots, who seemed to be able to get away with everything he did? Brassington appears to have been involved in currency, drug, people, and diamond smuggle, among others. He finally saw his career as a pilot terminated when the Bombardier Challenger CL-600 he was flying skidded off a runway in New Jersey before hitting a steel fence, crossed a 6-lane highway, crashed into a warehouse and bursted into flames. Continuer la lecture