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Darren Beattie présente l’implication du FBI dans les événements du 6 janvier au Capitole

Alex Jones reçoit en entrevue Darren Beattie sur l’émeute du 6 janvier dernier au Capitole à Washington. Le FBI aurait joué un rôle prépondérant dans la planification, l’organisation et le déroulement de ces événéments. Ceux-ci ont été présentés par les grands médias et le Parti Démocrate comme ayant été une «insurrection», ce qui n’était pas le cas évidemment. Il s’agissait d’un false flag en bonne et due forme. La deuxième vidéo d’Alex Jones met en vedette des extraits de l’analyse qu’en fait Tucker Carlson de Fox News.

Ken Pereira fait un bilan du Grand Reset et présente ce qui nous attend en 2021-2022

Ken Pereira analyse le mouvement QAnon et les difficultés du mandat de Donald Trump

Ken Pereira fait une excellente analyse ici du phénomène Qanon et de ce qui se cache derrière. Il passe également en revue l’ensemble de ce qui s’est produit dans l’entourage de Donald Trump durant son mandat comme Président et qui explique pourquoi il a eu autant de difficultés à gouverner. Il identifie aussi certains des personnages qui l’ont littéralement trahi et abandonné seul face aux attaques de l’état profond. À voir.

Images inédites et censurées sur le 11 septembre 2001

Cette vidéo contient des images et des entrevues filmées le jour du 11 septembre 2001 et dans les jours suivants et qui ont été montrées aux téléspectateurs avant que la censure ne les fasse disparaître. Encore une fois, rappelons qu’il est évident que la version officielle du 11 septembre 2001 ne tient pas la route. C’était du grand théâtre qui préparait sans doute les esprits à l’opération de la Covid-19: Mentir pour mieux nous réduire à l’esclavage.

Henrik Palmgren analyses the hoax linking ‘conspiracy theories’ to terrorism

Apparently, according to some media, the FBI has produced a document linking conspiracy theories to terrorism. Of course, it is a total hoax because there is no link between these things. However, if the document is genuine, it will obviously be used to criminalize patriots and nationalists, truth-seekers, independent journalists and thinkers, who are trying to get to the bottom of things and find answers. This is a very dark road that we should not take as a society.

Uncut interview with William Cooper followed by 9/11 prediction

One of the greatest patriot in the history of the United States, William Cooper was a radio host in the 1990’s in what was called then the « research » community. After his career in the U.S. Army, Cooper investigated every kind of subject of interest at a time when the internet was still in its infancy or didn’t exist. Researchers and patriots in those days often had to get physical documents in their possession to be able to research a topic, since there was basically nothing that was available either online or in digital form. That came to change later of course and because of that, research became easier and more accessible to the average citizen. Since then, the number of people involved in the research community has increased exponentially, because it is so easy now compared to what it was before. In this incredible interview, Cooper talks about his life and his research, very candidly, and gives his perspective on the core of the problem that we face as nations and peoples of the Earth.

In a nutshell, Cooper identifies the secret societies as being the malevolent force behind all the changes that we have seen being implemented on Earth since 1945. Their project, according to him, is to bring about a one world socialist government. They would use the United Nations as a framework and the U.S. Army as a police force in order to do that. These secret societies are trying to build a perfect world, without wars. They will never succeed to do so, according to Cooper, because they are not dealing with the core of the problem, which is human nature. Human nature makes us imperfect, with flaws, so no Utopian scenario would ever work. Cooper suggests to « clean the house » at Washington D.C. « Lock them up », he says. Among many highlights, he mentions that the Gulf War created a historical precedent when the United Nations sent its police force, composed of military units of several countries, to the Middle East in order to « liberate » Kuwait. With that action, he says, the United Nations was then legally established as the one world government. Cooper was a very lucid and clairvoyant individual who left this world too soon. He was killed in November 2001 in an exchange of fire with the police outside his home. The fact that he was killed just a few weeks after 9/11 is difficult to ignore. During his radio show on June 28th 2001, he told his audience that a CNN reporter and a camera crew « found » Osama ben Laden in Afghanistan while the CIA couldn’t find him, apparently. Cooper predicted that a major attack would occur in the U.S. as a result. You can listen to this show with the second video. May you rest in peace, brother.