EMPact America: Connecting the dots about Iran’s nuclear program…before it is too late

Kenneth Timmerman: « The confidence that users of intelligence today in the United States have in the ability of the intelligence community to successfully connect the dots is very low » . (around 21:00, part 2)

This press conference held on November 1st 2011 in Washington, D.C., is literally a godsend. At a time when the vast majority of our elites are asleep, stunned and dumbed down, when both the mainstream and the alternative media are spreading disinformation and propaganda to satisfy their aims, insisting on trivial events, it is long overdue that a panel of experts like this take relevant intelligence and present it to the population. By going public like this, these experts are doing a us, the people, a big favor. Because, let’s speak frankly here, normally, that would be the job of our elected politicians and officials and their teams to keep us appraised on such matters. Unfortunately, in these times of never-ending entertainment and petty pleasures, bad news or bad information are constantly swept under the rug…until their reality hit us with violence through terrorism, riots and wars. We live in a culture where we don’t want to see bad things and bad realities, so we keep trying to ignore them when they surface and postpone their confrontation.

It is that very same attitude that allowed somebody like Hitler to rise, expand his grip on Europe and eventually to seize control of the whole continent, while our elites stood by silently, faking not to see its reality, thinking maybe that the threat would disappear if they were to ignore it. And today, we are facing a similar problem. Ahmadinejad and his government has shown more than once its true colours. He leads a regime that is anti-semitic, anti-Israel, holocaust denier, hostile to democracy, to America and to European culture and civilization, encouraging and funding terrorism and boycott campaigns, willingly admitting to desire wiping out Israel from off the map and to destroy America, the Great Satan. And this same regime is pursuing a nuclear program. If it is not enough to raise your eyebrows and give you cold chills down your spine, I don’t know what will.

This event by EMPact America, an organization for citizens concerned about nuclear and electro-magnetic pulse attacks, regroups the skills and experience of several individuals belonging to the intelligence community. The first speaker, Reza Kahlili, presents himself as an ex-CIA undercover agent in the Revolutionary Guards of Iran. He has infiltrated the Guards and spied for the CIA during the 80’s and 90’s. He appears in this press conference masked with sunglasses, which renders his authentification impossible. At some point, you have to make a decision whether or not you consider him and his testimony credible. Following Kahlili, we hear, in order, Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer, President of EMPact America Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, CEO of Foundation For Democracy in Iran Kenneth Timmerman, ex-CIA agent Chet Nagle, and President of GeoStrategic Analysis Peter Huessy.

To resume Kahlili’s testimony, here are the basic elements that you can hear in this press conference. The Iranian regime has worked on a nuclear bomb since the 90’s. It would have acquired its nuclear capability through the A. Q. Khan network in Pakistan. Richard Barlow has some really interesting things to say about that network, so please check this earlier link with care. The regime sent overseas numerous people to nuclear related studies in various universities. Before that, in the mid-80’s, the Revolutionary Guards had learned that Saddam Hussein was looking to acquire nuclear technology and the bomb itself in the black market, probably to use it againt Iran. The regime then sent, a few years later, a delegation to Pakistan. They met with Pakistani generals and A.Q. Khan, an Pakistani engineer. Kahlili was contacted in the late 80’s by two Iranian agents looking for parts. After the fall of the former Soviet Union, it was known in the intelligence community that Iranian agents were visiting nuclear facilities in the ex-Soviet Republics, such as Kazakhstan, searching for warheads, iranium, plutonium, etc. Soon, three warheads were reported missing from the Kazakhstan facilities.  Other missing nukes have been reported missing in Ukraine. Revolutionary Guards have at their disposal 1000 ballistic missiles. Iran would have obtained some missiles from North Korea as well. Furthermore, Iran has the capability to put satellites in orbit, that being very similar to the capability of launching nuclear missiles.

Reza Kahlili closes his presentation with these remarks: We know that Iran has expanded its influence and presence over to South America. Iran has close ties as well with Pakistan and Russia and seems to have more and more important links and support to the Taliban. Transfers of cash, hundreds of millions of dollars have been paid to Pakistan to further Iran’s nuclear program. We must not forget that the founder of the Islamic Republic had three goals: Overthrow the monarchy, establish the Islamic Republic and pass the flag of Islam to the 12th Imam, the Mahdi, who would appear at the end of times and establish the rule of Allah. We have to understand that « mutually assured destruction » will not be a deterrent for the leaders of this regime.

A few of the facts that we learn from Kenneth Timmerman’s presentation: In 1986, Iran signed a consulting agreement with Pakistan and engineer A.Q. Khan. In 1991, Saddam Hussein was developing WMDs. He had 5 nuclear programs going and was 6-to-10 months away from a bomb. In January 1993, IRGC Major General Mohsen Rezai made a trip to China and North Korea to acquire a nuclear capable missile. Iran had acquired from the former Soviet Union a few of the « loose nukes » that were circulating. In 1994, the U.S. intelligence community knew that North Korea had a nuclear enrichment program. The Clinton Administration then evacuated 600 kilograms of weapon’s grade uranium from a facility in Kazakhstan. In the shipping area, they found shipping crates with adresses to the Defence Ministry in Tehran. In 1995, Iran signed a nuclear protocol with Russia.

After the intervention of Chet Nagle, Peter Huessy explains 5 dots that we need to connect in order to understand the threat that Iran poses and 5 solutions that we can use to fight back. He particularly insists on the necessity of implementing the EMP Shield Act to protect America from an electro-magnetic pulse attack.

Finally, during the questions period, Peter Huessy made this incredible comment that is worth a thousand books. He recalled the words of Zbigniew Brzezinski, who apparently said one day that if he were NSC advisor to the President, he would advise shooting down Israeli planes going over Iran to drop bombs…That gives an idea about how the threat against our civilization today come as much from the inside as from the outside. I think it is fair to say, from everything we can learn here, that for the western world, i.e. the U.S., Israel and all European countries, the matter is no longer a question of choice, will or taste. We must attack now. There is no time anymore. We have to neutralize this regime before it destroys the whole world.

To get other tips on the kind of « policies » that Mr Brzezinski has always promoted and favored all along his career as an advisor, you can check this earlier post on the Afghan situation.

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