Yvan Blot parle de la Russie de Poutine

Vers les 10:00 minutes du début de cette conférence, Yvan Blot a un passage tout à fait suave qu’il faut absolument mettre en exergue: « Les Américains ressentent comme des adversaires tous les patriotes qui ne sont ni manipulables ni achetables ». Et il rajoute en citant le Général De Gaulle: « Les Américains poussent en avant la pourriture politique et un jour il crèveront eux-mêmes de cette pourriture qui finira par les rejoindre chez eux ». Ce diagnostic tout à fait cinglant exprime bien l’état des choses en ce qui concerne l’Amérique. Les Américains n’ont cessé de recruter tous les fiers-à-bras et mercenaires qui traînent, avec la conséquence que les États-Unis sont corrompus au-delà de toute rédemption. Ceux-là mêmes qu’ils ont recrutés pour assurer leur domination sur le monde sont en train de les gruger de l’intérieur au point où le pays risque de s’effondrer bientôt. Dans un article précédent, vous pourrez entendre le grand John Loftus parler de l’implication des États-Unis dans la révolution bolchévique, de leur utilisation des forces nazies en Allemagne et également de leur utilisation des fondamentalistes islamiques. De toute évidence, nous sommes prêts pour un monde multipolaire. Pour une lecture plus agréable, prenez le temps de télécharger le vidéo avant de le visionner.

EMPact America: Connecting the dots about Iran’s nuclear program…before it is too late

Kenneth Timmerman: « The confidence that users of intelligence today in the United States have in the ability of the intelligence community to successfully connect the dots is very low » . (around 21:00, part 2)

This press conference held on November 1st 2011 in Washington, D.C., is literally a godsend. At a time when the vast majority of our elites are asleep, stunned and dumbed down, when both the mainstream and the alternative media are spreading disinformation and propaganda to satisfy their aims, insisting on trivial events, it is long overdue that a panel of experts like this take relevant intelligence and present it to the population. By going public like this, these experts are doing a us, the people, a big favor. Because, let’s speak frankly here, normally, that would be the job of our elected politicians and officials and their teams to keep us appraised on such matters. Unfortunately, in these times of never-ending entertainment and petty pleasures, bad news or bad information are constantly swept under the rug…until their reality hit us with violence through terrorism, riots and wars. We live in a culture where we don’t want to see bad things and bad realities, so we keep trying to ignore them when they surface and postpone their confrontation.

It is that very same attitude that allowed somebody like Hitler to rise, expand his grip on Europe and eventually to seize control of the whole continent, while our elites stood by silently, faking not to see its reality, thinking maybe that the threat would disappear if they were to ignore it. And today, we are facing a similar problem. Ahmadinejad and his government has shown more than once its true colours. He leads a regime that is anti-semitic, anti-Israel, holocaust denier, hostile to democracy, to America and to European culture and civilization, encouraging and funding terrorism and boycott campaigns, willingly admitting to desire wiping out Israel from off the map and to destroy America, the Great Satan. And this same regime is pursuing a nuclear program. If it is not enough to raise your eyebrows and give you cold chills down your spine, I don’t know what will.

This event by EMPact America, an organization for citizens concerned about nuclear and electro-magnetic pulse attacks, regroups the skills and experience of several individuals belonging to the intelligence community. The first speaker, Reza Kahlili, presents himself as an ex-CIA undercover agent in the Revolutionary Guards of Iran. He has infiltrated the Guards and spied for the CIA during the 80’s and 90’s. He appears in this press conference masked with sunglasses, which renders his authentification impossible. At some point, you have to make a decision whether or not you consider him and his testimony credible. Following Kahlili, we hear, in order, Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer, President of EMPact America Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, CEO of Foundation For Democracy in Iran Kenneth Timmerman, ex-CIA agent Chet Nagle, and President of GeoStrategic Analysis Peter Huessy.

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