Lou Dobbs expresses his perplexity about the shift of policy happening in the Trump Administration

Where the hell has gone the man who has been elected President on November 8th 2016? One wonders. Lou Dobbs nailed it in a few minutes on his show on March 6th 2019. His commentary on the matter runs from 11:56 through 15:42 minutes of this video. It is a beauty. He expresses here the confusion that many on the Right have felt for months now. We don’t recognize anymore the man that we have supported during the presidential campaign and during the first two years of his presidency. Clearly, something happened that has changed the game and not in the favor of his supporters. It is a dark day for America. As Dobbs says very relevantly: «in politics as in life, it’s important to never forget who your friends are». Red Ice TV contributor Patrick Casey made a similar analysis a few weeks ago, so I am joining the video featuring that as well.

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