Interview with Gator about Far-Left radicals and recent shootings, on Red Ice TV

Alexandre Cormier-Denis: L’effondrement de la gauche souverainiste, sur Nomos-TV

President Trump rally in Greenville

I don’t think I have any choice but to continue to support President Trump. Most of the politicians in Canada don’t give a damn about right-wingers, patriots or nationalists and because of that, they are not likely to defend our rights. Personally, as a patriot, I find that Trump is often the only politician who cares about my rights as an individual, with the notable exception of Maxime Bernier of the Popular Party of Canada. Many in the Alt-Right scene are disappointed with the Trump Presidency, thinking that they have been had or that he changed since the day of Inauguration. It is true that Trump is not an Alt-Right President and he never will. But Trump is such a strong man that nobody will be able to defeat him in 2020. So members of the Alt-Right movement should focus their energy on finding a candidate who could run in the 2024 Presidential Election on an Alt-Right platform and thus defend their ideas and values. Despite all of his shortcomings, Trump remains our best card at least for the moment. This video features his latest rally. Enjoy!

Project Veritas: Insider at Google blows the whistle on political bias in the company

That insider at Google tells precisely what everybody suspected about the mega corporation. The company is not objective and impartial. It has a political bias that is left-wing and Democrat. The management at Google is ready to do anything they can to prevent President Trump from being re-elected. In the process of doing so, they are censoring conservatives and right-wingers across all of their platforms. A must-see.

President Trump press conference on May 30th 2019

A very energetic Donald Trump spoke to the press on Thursday. That’s the Trump I like. I am confident that he will win in 2020 and that his second term will be even better than the first. And, by the way, I can’t wait for all those documents to be declassified… What a spectacle it will be!

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard on Fox News

Definitely the most interesting Presidential Candidate on the Democrat side. She is a very nice woman and person, a thing that has become very rare in Washington D.C. The Democrat Party has become very rotten and corrupt. Let’s hope she can bring a spirit of change to the Party and make it shift away from the left-wing radicalization that has been occurring since the early days of the Obama Administration.

President Trump and President Bolsonaro hold joint press conference

Finally, something will be done to break the spell that Cuba has over so many countries in South America. Will these two men be capable of tipping the balance of power in our favor? We’ll see. It is so obvious now to everybody that criminal gangs and drug trafficking networks are using their activities and the money they make to attack the southern border of the U.S. Migrants are only the foot soldiers to do that. To what extent the countries that are often called the «usual suspects» (Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, etc) are behind these efforts is anybody’s guess. But it will stop only if we can neutralize them on the ground where they are concocted and launched. I am excited and thrilled by this new partnership between the United States and Brazil. I have the impression that a lot of good things will be accomplished by it. That’s a great day for America and for Brazil.