Dearborn U.S.A.: A fine example of Barack Obama’s « change »

When I watched this video, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It got me angered for the rest of the day. It’s a chance to come to America. North America is a land of peace and prosperity. No foreigner or recent immigrant has the right to despise or criticize the U.S. or Canada, precisely because we offer the very conditions and advantages that exist nowhere else in the world. In this footage, we see Middle Eastern new « Americans », if we can use that term, throwing bottles, cans, pieces of concrete, rocks, at a group of Christians peacefully demonstrating… Yes, you read correctly. No need to reach for your glasses to make sure you got it right. These so-called new « Americans », just getting of the boat, their feet still being soaked, are displaying the rudest, most impolite, unrespectful, obnoxious and violent behavior toward the very citizens who  are welcoming them here in the first place and who, by the way, are also paying for their social benefits through taxation. This totally crosses the line. I’m fed up with Middle Eastern immigrants. Is there something they respect?

The other totally unacceptable thing in that incident is the attitude of the local police. Looking at their performance and listening to what they say, you almost have the impression that it is the Christians who are the newcomers in a Middle East country. The police clearly has a biais against the white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant or Catholic, Christians who peacefully demonstrate their faith during what is, from what we can see, an Arab festival of some kind. How much of this « change » will we have to endure before somebody gets the clock back to our values and traditions? You don’t need a Ph.D. in sociology to see that these Arab/Muslim immigrants are not here to integrate into the larger population. They are here to conquer us by slowly imposing their culture, religion and customs, and they do it by coercing the authorities, political, civilian and police force. I feel the need to throw up. Our leaders have let us down to please voters. And we can also bet that big cash from the oil sheiks certainly helped them to « understand » the importante of « tolerance » and « comprehension » in these matters. Christians and westerners have become estranged in their own land. Shame on our leaders.