John Roberts hot mic incident: Covid-19 is a hoax!

Alex Jones explains the very dangerous situation in which we are with Covid-19. The video features a hot mic incident involving Fox News’ John Roberts where he admits, in the White House briefing room while talking to another reporter, that Covid-19 is a hoax. Don’t miss that!

Interview with Jim and Joe Hoft about the Coronavirus, on Infowars

Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit and his brother Joe join Alex Jones to discuss the Coronavirus pandemic. The main highlight of this interview is the revelation that the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has caused a worldwide panic by falsely interpreting the statistics about the Coronavirus virus in comparison with the flu statistics. Two articles were published on the subject on the Gateway pundit that you can check here. You can find the interview given to Alex Jones at the bottom.

EXCLUSIVE: Evidence Shows Director General of World Health Organization Severely Overstated the Fatality Rate of the Coronavirus Leading to the Greatest Global Panic in History

HELLO WORLD! Before Economy Totally Disintegrates – Will Anyone Else Notice WHO Director Made BASIC MATH ERROR in Causing Global Coronavirus Panic?