Annie Jacobsen and Ralph Steiner on Roswell and UFOs: Two examples of disinformation

Peter B. Collins of the Peter B. Collins Show interviewed recently two individuals who pretend to be able to bring some light on the Roswell incident in particular and on the UFO phenomenon in general. The first interview, recorded or posted on June 22nd, features author Annie Jacobsen who presents new unknown « facts » about the UFO phenomenon and the Roswell incident. In a new book, Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base, she « reports » that the vast majority of UFO sightings in the ’50s and ’60s were caused by U-2 spy planes, that Area 51 held some captured Soviet MIG fighters, etc. The most bizarre assertion in the book is that the Roswell incident was in fact the result of a crash of a Soviet craft occupied by humans who had been genetically altered using Josef Mengele’s experiments in biology and genetics. The second interview, recorded or posted on August 22nd, features Ralph Steiner, jounalist and scientist. He tries to build to case that the Roswell craft and its inhabitants were from outside this planet. He uses original interviews from 1947 and onward to illustrate that. He states, among other things, that the « weather balloon » theory was a cover story. He disagrees strongly with Annie Jacobsen that the Roswell craft and its inhabitants could have been the works of Stalin.

I could continue the analyses of these two shows but there is no point. We have here two examples of pure and unadulterated disinformation. Whether Annie Jacobsen has been deceived, as a ufologist claims it is the case according to Peter B., whether she let herself being deceived or that she is herself the cause or the messenger of the deception is not clear. I don’t know. But the fact remains that almost everything she says about UFOs and Roswell is just pure B.S.. I’m sorry but that’s the truth. As was remarkably clarified and established by Dave Emory in his research on the subject, UFOs are the product of nazi research during WWII. In effect, Renato Vesco’s book Intercept—But Don’t Shoot remains to this day the most credible source of information on the UFO phenomenon. The only reason why the discoveries and inventions of the Nazis, in terms of physics, don’t belong in the public domain for the moment is that they lost the military war. But they are winning the economic, financial and propaganda wars so soon enough these inventions will be part of our lives, but not before the Bormann Capital Network, or Underground Reich, has finished to implement his domination over the entire world. The crash at Roswell involved a craft of human origin inhabited by humans. Period. Everything else in just propaganda. The fact that Annie Jacobsen replaces the bogus story about weather balloons by the bogus story about U-2 spy planes is not impressive, and her claim that it was the creation of Soviet Russia is completely hilarious. Continuer la lecture

Frank Schaeffer on the Evangelical cloak of the Republican Party

Radio host Peter B. Collins receives in this podcast Frank Schaeffer, ex-Evangelical leader for many years in the U.S.. Son of Reconstructionist preacher Francis Schaeffer, Frank has a lot to say about the links that exist between the Republican Party and the Evangelical movement. According to him, that movement has literally taken over the Party. It dictates its policies to the political establishment. Among the many representatives of this trend, Schaeffer mentions Michelle Bachmann who, apparently, is under the spell of the Evangelicals. He goes at length to explain how her politics are the expression of the Evangelical background that she has. Schaeffer also takes the opportunity to present certain parts of the material of his new book Sex, Mom and God,  and to talk about his father in relation with the Evangelical movement. Globally, I found this interview rather relevant. Having a master degree in Religious Studies, I am always curious about personal religious backgrounds, narratives and stories. Although I have got away from the religious scene for the most part, out of boringness and sometimes disgust and distrust, it is always interesting to see elements like that surging where you expect them the least.

I share a good part of the explanations presented by Frank Schaeffer here on this subject, but not totally. First of all, I am not sure that the Evangelical movement has taken over the Republican Party. I rather have the impression that it is the Republican Party that uses the Evangelical movement as a cloak to better hide its machinations. People with cash and power don’t have religious beliefs; if they really had, they probably wouldn’t be rich and powerful. The world is not run by religion; it is run by money and money gives power. I totally respect the opinion of somebody like Frank Schaeffer who survived the mind-control and brainwash environment of such a movement, but I think it is more accurate to think that the Evangelical movement is used as yet another tool, garment, cloak, etc, to engineer the American society and the whole world into a pre-determined totalitarian reactionary agenda. In numerous articles in the past, I have said, along with heroic researcher Dave Emory, that the Republican Party is fascist in nature, having among other things links to the Third Reich that go back to WWII. Continuer la lecture