David Icke présente le mouvement Sabbatéen-Frankiste

Mouvement sectaire issu du judaïsme, la mouvance sabbatéenne-frankiste est le résultat de la prédication de deux personnages historiques, Sabbataï Tsevi et Jacob Frank, qui se présentaient tous deux comme étant des figures messianiques. Ce mouvement propose des thèses et des comportements en dehors des normes sociales, voire blasphématoires et sacrilèges, ce qui amène certains à le comparer aux mouvements satanistes issus du christianisme. Étant donné le silence qui existe autour de l’existence de ce mouvement, il est plus qu’important que vous preniez connaissance des informations qui sont présentées ici par David Icke. À voir.

L’abolition du cours Éthique et Culture Religieuse, sur Nomos-TV

Documentary about the repression of the Uighurs in China

The only thing with which I agree with Communist China is the way they treat the Muslims. These are the Uighurs, a set of populations of Turkish origin. I hate everything else about Communist China but in this case, they do exactly what needs to be done with Muslims: They don’t give an inch. They send the message to the Muslims that in China, it is the Chinese who rule. All non-Muslim countries in the world should do the same. If they don’t, they will inevitably collapse under the pressures of Jihad. But of course, the Chinese reserve the same treatment for other groups or minorities such as the Falun Gong practitioners or the Tibetan Buddhists and I strongly disagree with that. Let’s say that from everything that the Chinese have produced since the Cultural Revolution, I will only take the way they treat the Muslims and leave everything else. This video produced by Vice News seems to have a pro-Muslim point of view but regardless, it gives a good indication of the situation on the ground.

Sweden contemplates criminalizing runes and other Norse symbols. Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice TV reacts

The war on Whites continues as the government of Sweden contemplates banning runes and symbols belonging to the Norse civilization. So far, it is not clear how far this ban would go. However, we can be sure that it would be implemented in a way that would be detrimental to Whites in general but mostly to Scandinavians. As more and more people are breaking free from the tyranny imposed on us by the globalists, governments in the western hemisphere are hastily creating new crimes out of this air in an effort to get legal pretexts to crack down on the opposition, on political dissidents or on anyone who disagree with their policies. Globalists are trying to dehumanize the peoples and nations of this Earth. They are trying to transform us into mindless cattle. But we are awakening. Like the phoenix, we will rise from the ashes.

Analyse d’Alexandre Cormier-Denis sur le Projet de loi 21 de la CAQ

Sébastien de Crèvecœur et Philippe Plamondon analysent le Projet de Loi 21 de la CAQ

Sébastien de Crèvecœur et Philippe Plamondon de Nomos-TV analysent le Projet de loi n° 21 sur la laïcité de l’État, du gouvernement de la Coalition Avenir Québec. C’est un projet de loi modéré qui se veut rassembleur. Les partisans de la droite politique et de la sphère patriotique et nationaliste en sont sûrement assez déçus mais, comme dit le proverbe, c’est mieux que rien.