The Nazis and Fascists who founded the EU – by Rodney Atkinson

Based on a talk delivered by him at the Houses of Parliament on the 26th of February 2008, Rodney Atkinson presents here some of the main characters who were instrumental in the creation and crafting of the European Union. Based on Nazi plans published in Berlin in 1942, the EU embodies the historic realization of a Greater Germany, or Greater Europe, envisioned by some of Germany’s most prominent thinkers and power figures, such as Friedrich List in 19th century, and more recently, Adolf Hitler. Among the personalities Atkinson mentions as the shadowy figures who were at the central stage in provoking the birth of the EU are: Walter Hallstein, Paul Henri Spaak, Walter Funk, Hans Josef Globke, Alcide de Gasperi, Diana Mosley, Alfred Toepfer, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, Kurt Georg Kiesinger, Theodor Heuss, Hans Joseph Graf Matuschka, Kurt Pfeiffer, George Kennan and Guiliano Amato. Rodney Atkison underscores that it is the Treaty of Rome that led to the European Union and that it was wanted and crafted in the shadows, behind the scenes, by the Bilderberg Group at their meetings. He also mentions the specific role played by Tony Blair, Edward Heath and Roy Jenkins in removing democratic sovereignty from the nation states of Europe, for which work they were awarded the Charlemagne Prize…

Greek Tragedy and the Rape of Europe: When myth and reality collide

One of Dave Emory’s last shows deals with the Greek tragedy, the modern one, related to its financial and economical situation. Although many observers attribute Greece’s problems on its socialist economical model, a closer examination reveals that it is rather a modern and more subtil form of fascism pushed forward by Germany that is at the root of its dire situation. Since the creation of the Euro currency, Greece and other small European states have not ceased to experience problems and a significant decrease of their capacity to create and maintain wealth. And with reason. A currency is the symbol and embodiment of a country’s riches. It expresses at the same time its production capacity, its borrowing  power, its power of investment, the quality of its businesses, products and institutions, the value of its resources, etc. In other terms, a currency expresses the value of a nation-state’s wealth. That is why the Euro is such a diabolical creation because it imposes an arbitrary value to it from the outside with no relation to the indicators that I have mentioned. As a matter of fact, the only country for which the Euro has any real significance is Germany. It looks almost as if the Euro has been created for it, and now it is imposed on all other European states that have to make do with it. That’s why they all fall down the ones after the others.

As was revealed, or refreshed to our memories, by Dave Emory in this show, the project for a unified Europe was put in the works in modern history for the first time somewhere in the 19th century by a certain Friedrich List. Hitler’s plan for a Greater Germany or Greater Europe was only the 20th century variation of that plan, and the European Union of today is the latest of it, except that, in this case, it has become a reality. Nazi Greater Europe is now fully in charge of the Old Continent and you can be sure that it will wreck it completely for the sake of enriching Germany…at the detriment of everybody else. At this point, I think that any intelligent people should get out of Europe if they can. The engineers have wrecked its train beyond any point of redemption, and it is pretty much over. Attacked on three sides by post-WWII nazi totalitarians, the Extreme-Left that is just another garment for the Extreme-Right, and by Islamists, the continent is left to butchers and brownshirts to pillage it and destroy it. In a few years from now, Europe will look like it did after the collapse of Rome in 410 A.D.

We told you to stay in the Center of the political spectrum but you wouldn’t listen. Now you will have to clean the mess that you have created…if you are still alive to do it and if there is still a functioning society to do it for. Good luck.