Ezra Levant: Les frères Rockefeller, le Club Sierra et les Mohawks…

Levant est tout à fait dans le sujet dans ce commentaire sur les émeutes reliées au gaz de schiste au Nouveau-Brunswick. Il porte à notre attention, de façon explicite dans l’article que vous retrouverez plus bas, le fait que le Fonds des Frères Rockefeller supporte financièrement des organisations écologiques, comme la Fondation du Club Sierra par exemple, qui semblent avoir des liens avec l’activisme politique des Mohawks. La famille Rockefeller a fait fortune en raison de ses investissements dans l’industrie pétrolière d’Arabie Saoudite, ce pays étant à toute fin pratique une création des États-Unis pour soutirer l’activité pétrolière du Moyen-Orient à l’Empire britannique. Des intérêts privés comme ceux des Rockefeller, et ceux de l’OPEP de façon plus générale, peuvent certainement être tentés de radicaliser certains groupes autochtones, écologiques et d’extrême-gauche afin de protéger leurs intérêts financiers. L’OPEP voit d’un très mauvais œil le développement de l’industrie pétrolière domestique, qu’elle soit canadienne, américaine ou autre, et n’entend pas perdre son marché d’exportation sans livrer bataille. Ces « protestations » de Mohawks en sont probablement une belle illustration. Pour en connaître davantage sur les transformations de l’industrie pétrolière dans les années précédant la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale, je vous suggère l’ouvrage de John Loftus, The Secret War Against the Jews. Voici également l’article de SunNews dont je parlais plus haut.

L’article de SunNews sur les émeutes du gas de schiste

Harvard Square Palestinian activists: Are there any worst totalitarians than these?

I am so tired of these Palestinian activists. They represent the worst kind of totalitarians you can possibly imagine. Why? Because they belong to a trend of fascism called the « Third Position ». The third position is a mixture of Extreme-Right, Extreme-Left and Islam. Or, in other words, it is an extreme-right movement that disguised itself as a leftist or socialist movement, using the « cause » of defending Islam and poor and oppressed peoples to attack liberal society and values. The study of Francis Parker Yockey‘s philosophy is certainly of a great help here. Author Kevin Coogan has dwelled into these matters and you can get more details about that by listening to this interview with him on Dave Emory‘s show. Coming back to this Youtube video, just listen to their rhetoric. You don’t need to be a doctor to see that these activists are completely brainwashed by palestinian propaganda. That propaganda is nothing else than pure third position fascism. Don’t you find it strange that Jews (oh yeah, you’re right, they call them Israelis…) are targetted in this smear campaign? I thought the Left liked the Jews, because of historic links between Bolshevism and the Jewish community. The Nazis supposedly tried to exterminate them because of these links. So why is that that now an activist group that seems to be leftist is targetting Jews? Because it is third position fascism, for no other reason. Palestinian activists are helping the Extreme-Right to make a comeback into the fold from the underground, from the shadows. The signature of their deeds, which should be evident for every one in control of their faculties, is right there, in plain sight. Today, in 2011, they do exactly the same things that they were doing in Germany prior to WWII. They are targetting the Jews, accusing them of being responsible for the problems of the world. To get a better idea about the existing links between Nazism and Islam, check this web page. In French, the document studies the links between Palestinians and Nazism. The photos speak volumes and so all the other pieces of documentation that are exhibited.

Anders Behring Breivik: A sweet candy for the Left and useful fools…but too good to be true

Jes’ that I have a lot to say about this manifesto! First of all, let me clarify a few things. Looking at the « facts » to begin with, as usual, I don’t buy the official story. It is utterly improbable that this guy could have acted alone. Like in the case of the Oklahoma City bombing and countless of other similar acts, the « lone nuts » as we have come to call them have operated in teams, for the simple reason that it is complicated to organize and do such coups in terms of logistics for a start. In effect, in a tree nuts always come with a lot of brothers and sisters. In all probabilities, there were several shooters on that island to account for such casualties. Also, for me, the bombing of the governmental building in central Oslo is a separate operation from the shooting at Utoya. Yet the press and the police are trying to make us believe a ridiculous story where Anders Behring Breivik, the alleged killer, has taken a transport to go from the city of Oslo to Utoya island, with heavy ammunitions. Remember that he shot for an hour and a half, that’s a lot of bullets… As well, the official story says that he has fabricated the bomb that blew the federal building in central Oslo with fertilizer… You see, he lives on a farm… When you are a farmer, that’s the kind of things that you have, fertilizer, and if you don’t, you won’t eat very fat with your farming… Besides that it is heavy, again. Bombers try to find the smallest but most powerful explosives they can find, not something that you need a whole truck just to carry.

Another thing that is striking in this case is the manipulation of data that seems to have been taken place. According to a finding made by the webmaster of Postedeveille.ca, the tags « christian » and « conservative » have been added to the killer’s Facebook page. By who? I don’t know but it smells like a set up, a frame up, a masquerade. Continuer la lecture

Greek Tragedy and the Rape of Europe: When myth and reality collide

One of Dave Emory’s last shows deals with the Greek tragedy, the modern one, related to its financial and economical situation. Although many observers attribute Greece’s problems on its socialist economical model, a closer examination reveals that it is rather a modern and more subtil form of fascism pushed forward by Germany that is at the root of its dire situation. Since the creation of the Euro currency, Greece and other small European states have not ceased to experience problems and a significant decrease of their capacity to create and maintain wealth. And with reason. A currency is the symbol and embodiment of a country’s riches. It expresses at the same time its production capacity, its borrowing  power, its power of investment, the quality of its businesses, products and institutions, the value of its resources, etc. In other terms, a currency expresses the value of a nation-state’s wealth. That is why the Euro is such a diabolical creation because it imposes an arbitrary value to it from the outside with no relation to the indicators that I have mentioned. As a matter of fact, the only country for which the Euro has any real significance is Germany. It looks almost as if the Euro has been created for it, and now it is imposed on all other European states that have to make do with it. That’s why they all fall down the ones after the others.

As was revealed, or refreshed to our memories, by Dave Emory in this show, the project for a unified Europe was put in the works in modern history for the first time somewhere in the 19th century by a certain Friedrich List. Hitler’s plan for a Greater Germany or Greater Europe was only the 20th century variation of that plan, and the European Union of today is the latest of it, except that, in this case, it has become a reality. Nazi Greater Europe is now fully in charge of the Old Continent and you can be sure that it will wreck it completely for the sake of enriching Germany…at the detriment of everybody else. At this point, I think that any intelligent people should get out of Europe if they can. The engineers have wrecked its train beyond any point of redemption, and it is pretty much over. Attacked on three sides by post-WWII nazi totalitarians, the Extreme-Left that is just another garment for the Extreme-Right, and by Islamists, the continent is left to butchers and brownshirts to pillage it and destroy it. In a few years from now, Europe will look like it did after the collapse of Rome in 410 A.D.

We told you to stay in the Center of the political spectrum but you wouldn’t listen. Now you will have to clean the mess that you have created…if you are still alive to do it and if there is still a functioning society to do it for. Good luck.

Caroline Glick on a few Israel-related subjects: Livni, options and the next Lebanese war

The excellent Caroline Glick stikes back with some good articles on Israel’s political situation. Among several subjects, she comments here on Israel’s opposition leader Tzipi Livni, former Foreign Minister, who has embraced the international Left and the Palestinian cause for her own political gain, at the detriment of the interests…of her own people. Considering that during WWII six millions of her compatriots were exterminated by the nazi regime, there is only one word that can be used to describe such political action: treason. With « friends » like that, you don’t need enemies. It is one thing to be an opportunist but it is another to deliver your own people into the hands of butchers, and that is exactly what Livni is doing. What is wrong with her? She makes me think to those Jews who collaborated with the Nazis during WWII, thinking that their lives would be spared. Sometimes they were, sometimes not, especially when they became useless. There is no difference today between the Left and the Extreme-Right. It is one and the same. The words and the clothing might be different, but in the end it is all about ripping off the poor…and killing the Jews. She should think about it, because the State of Israel is the only thing that prevents the mass-extermination of Jews and that’s why so much enemies are pressing at its doors these days. In the other two articles, Glick analyses Israel’s options and the possible start of a war with Lebanon. Good work!

Tzipi Livni

Israel’s only two options

The next Lebanese War