Watch Ezra Levant interrogation by the Canadian federal police about his book, the Librano$

This is a classic case of intimidation here in Canada. The federal government is using its police to intimidate a private citizen, Ezra Levant, because of his political beliefs. Levant was wise enough to record the interrogation meeting he was summoned to and now the whole world can see the true nature of Canada. Forget about the blue helmets of the United Nations and the nice sermons of politicians about the greatness of Canadian values. In the real life, Canada is a socialist/marxist dictatorship with a nice veneer of ‘democracy’ on top of it to deceive everyone. See it with you own eyes. I don’t know how the opposition parties in the House of Commons can continue to support Trudeau’s minority government. If they do, that will only tell that they are willingly complicit in that masquerade. The nightmare society models described by George Orwell and Franz Kafka have become a reality in many places around the globe and Canada is a good example. Now the real question is: Under Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister do we, citizens, have any rights whatsoever left? Are we going to be the next ones to fall under the thumb of his dictatorial impulses? The second video features a discussion between Levant and one of his lawyers about this incident.