Watch Ezra Levant interrogation by the Canadian federal police about his book, the Librano$

This is a classic case of intimidation here in Canada. The federal government is using its police to intimidate a private citizen, Ezra Levant, because of his political beliefs. Levant was wise enough to record the interrogation meeting he was summoned to and now the whole world can see the true nature of Canada. Forget about the blue helmets of the United Nations and the nice sermons of politicians about the greatness of Canadian values. In the real life, Canada is a socialist/marxist dictatorship with a nice veneer of ‘democracy’ on top of it to deceive everyone. See it with you own eyes. I don’t know how the opposition parties in the House of Commons can continue to support Trudeau’s minority government. If they do, that will only tell that they are willingly complicit in that masquerade. The nightmare society models described by George Orwell and Franz Kafka have become a reality in many places around the globe and Canada is a good example. Now the real question is: Under Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister do we, citizens, have any rights whatsoever left? Are we going to be the next ones to fall under the thumb of his dictatorial impulses? The second video features a discussion between Levant and one of his lawyers about this incident.

Interview with Greg Johnson on Red Ice TV

In this interview given to host Lana Lokteff, Greg Johnson revisits his recent ordeal in Norway where he was arrested, detained and deported for «wrongthink».

Justin Trudeau et la tentation de la Chine: ‘Their basic dictatorship’…

Alors que le Canada est en période électorale, on a eu droit cette semaine à une scène digne d’un épisode de roman-savon. Les médias de masse ont concentré leur attention sur les photos de «blackface» qui ont surgi des années de jeunesse de Justin Trudeau. Ils n’ont parlé que de ça ou presque pendant 48 heures. Mais force est d’avouer qu’il ne s’agit ici que d’une anecdote, d’un fait divers, à la limite anodin, pas d’un enjeu fondamental de la politique d’état du Canada. Je comprends la controverse générée par la vue de telles photos et c’était en fait bien rigolo de les voir. Certains analystes politiques, avec justesse, ont fait remarquer qu’ils se sentaient davantage préoccupés par le manque de jugement de Justin Trudeau que par ces photos de blackface ou par d’autres déguisements qu’il a pu enfiler depuis qu’il est en politique.

Or, il y a beacoup plus inquiétant dans le gouvernement Trudeau que ses nombreux déguisements et frasques. Tout d’abord, il y a la présence de membres de la communauté sikhe au sein du gouvernement et au sein de l’Armée Canadienne et cette présence est inquiétante. En effet, un mouvement indépendantiste chez les Sikhs cherchent à créer un état autonome dans le continent indien, le Khalistan, et certains actes terroristes qui se sont produits dans les dernières décennies semblent être reliés à ce mouvement indépendantiste. D’ailleurs, dans cet article, on peut voir des membres des Forces Armées Canadiennes appartentant clairement à la communauté sikhe participer au défilé d’une fête communautaire, le Khalsa Day à Toronto en avril dernier, avec leurs armes de combat. Rien de moins. Et à la Chambre des Communes, non seulement retrouve-t-on des membres de la communauté sikhe parmi les élus mais le chef même du NPD, Jagmeet Singh, est lui aussi Sikh. Je crois que les électeurs canadiens sont en droit de se demander ce qui se passe réellement sur la scène politique fédérale. Les Sikhs sont-ils en train de prendre le contrôle du gouvernement canadien? Peut-être pas à proprement parler mais disons que les apparences nous font commencer à douter de l’état de la démocratie canadienne.

Ce qui m’amène à la pièce centrale de cet article. Lors d’une conférence donnée à un groupe de femmes en préparation des élections générales fédérales de 2015, Trudeau avait déclaré en anglais qu’il admirait la Chine «because their basic dictatorship»… Autrement dit, Trudeau n’admire pas la Chine en raison de ses prouesses technologiques, en raison de sa puissance économique ou pour quelque autre raison mais pour sa dictature de base… Ainsi, les électeurs canadiens sont également en droit de se demander ceci: Quelles sont les valeurs de Justin Trudeau? En quoi croit-il? Qu’est-ce qui est important pour lui? Comme je l’ai mentionné plus haut, beaucoup d’analystes politiques, de politiciens et de citoyens engagés lui reprochent son manque de jugement, illustré par ses nombreuses frasques qui ont été reprises par les médias. Personnellement, le fait que Justin Trudeau ne voit pas de problème à ce que son gouvernement fleurte avec la communauté sikhe pour les raisons et j’ai évoquées, et le fait qu’il admire la Chine «en raison de sa dictature de base», m’inquiète au plus haut point. Le chef du Parti Conservateur, Andrew Scheer, a dit que Justin Trudeau était indigne d’occuper la fonction de Premier Ministre suite à la publication des photos de blackface. Pour ma part, c’est plutôt en raison de son attitude envers la commnauté sikhe et en raison de son admiration pour la «dictature de base» de la Chine, que je crois que Justin Trudeau est indigne d’être Premier Ministre du Canada.

Interview with Michael Kingsbury about the Gulag camps on Red Ice TV

This interview is a must-see. Independent filmmaker Michael Kingsbury has taken the very heroic task of exposing the reality behind the rhetoric of our beloved progressives, Marxists and socialists. The real world behind the propaganda is to be found in those camps where political dissidents and free thinkers were sent during the dark days of the USSR. There, they were served with a hard dose of communism. Dehumanization, torture, rape, brainwash were normal procedures, since humans reveal their true nature by their actions and not by their words. Furthermore, the kind of investigation undertaken by Michael Kingsbury helps us realize as well how close we are to slide again into that nightmare. Our leaders in the West have taken the very bad habit of being infatuated with authoritarian regimes, Islamist or communist often. Their veneration for Communist China for example has brought us into a very dangerous position where everything that we have built and developed so far seems to be up for grabs, available for selling or to be given away. It is often said that it is only when you lose something that you realize what you had. Time is running out. We must wake up and stand our ground. The forces of totalitarianism are gearing up for a total takeover. We must resist and fight back and defend our values and freedoms. If we don’t, we will finish our lives in the Gulag, real or virtual.

Phil Simpson presents the heroic story of the Cimbri, on Red Ice TV

The Cimbri are a good example of what courage is and of what to do when confronted with adversity against incredible odds. I disagree though with their decision to commit mass suicide. This is not the way to go for patriots and nationalists. On the contrary, we must keep living our lives as long as we can to continue the fight against the tyrants (the modern Romans) who are trying to enslave us. The first video features Phil Simpson giving an interview on the air of Red Ice TV about the Cimbri. The second one is one of Simpson’s about the Cimbri and the consequence of cowardice.

Paul Joseph Watson comments on China’s social credit system on Infowars

The ‘room 101’ treatment of Tommy Robinson…

It is a very dark day for Great Britain. Tommy Robinson has just been released from prison, and that’s good news. The bad news is, as anyone can see in this interview given to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, that Robinson has apparently suffered from some kind of psychological damage or trauma as a consequence of his imprisonment. Will that damage be permanent? Nobody knows but the British government bears responsibility. During the interview, Robinson recalls that he was placed in solitary confinement in a prison with a large representation of Muslims and that those Muslims used to throw feces through his open window, among other things. He was arrested on very disputable grounds, his rights were not respected, due process was not followed, etc. The whole thing seemed like a kangaroo court-type of procedure. The look of horror on Tucker Carlson’s face while Robinson tells his story is worth the trip because it says it all. What country on Earth, supposedly a democratic one, would treat one of its citizens like that, especially a patriot who, beside a few minor things, does nothing wrong and is beyond reproach? Great Britain apparently.

But why, would you ask yourself. Let me provide my own explanation. Robinson was arrested simply because he was protesting in front of a court building where a specific case that interested him was held. Authorities used the pretext that he was already in the vicinity of a court building to bring him in, if you know what I mean, before a judge. Again why? Probably because they wanted to punish him for doing the unthinkable: speaking his mind, courageously, in public. In effect, he was the one who read the famous speech at Speaker’s Corner that Martin Sellner, in the company of Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern, was supposed to give there. You see, it has been a long time since Great Britain is no longer a democracy. Remember that both George Orwell’ 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World see their action taking place in Great Britain. It is not an accident. Also, the famous cult TV series The Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan, was a british production. These three artistic productions were trying to portray reality as it is, not the fantasy world that the media would like us to believe. And by the way, Canada is a former british colony (they took over from the French in 1760) and curiously, I have seen before these kind of tactics. I can recognize the modus operandi. They are used regularly here against individuals with a strong mind a strong personality, so I am not surprised. Business as usual in the British Empire.

However here, contrary to the life of relative comfort and abundance that Patrick McGoohan’s character enjoyed in The Prisoner, Tommy Robinson was given a treatment reminiscent more of the ‘room 101′ treatment in George Orwell’ 1984. In that novel, room 101 was the room where the prisoners were interrogated and tortured to break their will and their mind. And I think this whole episode with Tommy Robinson has to be considered like that. The powers that be in Great Britain are trying to break him psychologically, and to a certain degree, they seem to have succeeded at least partially and temporarily, judging by the non-verbal signals and language given in this interview. We have to denounce that vigorously because if we don’t, tomorrow, it could be anyone of us going down the same road. Yes, it is a dark for Great Britain. The least the government could do would be to apologize to him and drop charges. Will they do it? Don’t hold your breath…

Right-wing activists barred from the UK: Analysis and interviews

Recently, Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone and Martin Sellner were barred from entering the UK. While Lauren Southern was stopped in Calais, France, Pettibone and Sellner were arrested and detained in Britain where they were expecting to deliver a speech at the famous Speakers Corner in London. Tommy Robinson, the well-known British patriot and nationalist decided, in reaction, to deliver himself a few days later the speech that Sellner was supposed to give there. So, in order, the analysis of the whole incident by Mark Collett on Red Ice TV, followed by interviews made by Robinson with the political activists after their ordeal. Finally, you can watch a short video of the event. Apparently, the three activists are planning to sue the UK, so it will be interesting to see what follows from this.