Kevin Freeman on economic and financial terrorism: The Chinese threat and Unrestricted Warfare

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This episode from the Frank Gaffney Show on Secure Freedom Radio deals with a more tenuous aspect of terrorism than the one we are used to deal with. In effect, terrorism and warfare undertaken through means of economic and financial manipulations are not easily recognizable and diagnosable by us, the laymen, in normal circumstances. If such shenanigans can have as terrible consequences as 9/11 produced, they can never be as spectacular and so they remain most of the time unnoticed. The 2008 financial collapse produced a loss of wealth estimated at 13 trillion dollars for the U.S. and 53 trillions for the whole world. Frank Gaffney’s January 17th guest, Kevin Freeman, brought to our attention something that unfortunately passed under the radar of a vast number of western observers. In effect, two colonels of the People’s Liberation Army of China, Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, have written in 1999 a book on military strategy titled Unrestricted Warfare. That manuel seems to have inspired a few of the machinations that we have seen unfolding since the ’90s, including possibly even 9/11 itself. In a nutshell, the book describes how a weaker military power can wage war against a powerful country like the United States through unconventional means, such as lawfare, economic warfare, network (computer) warfare, terrorism, etc, in a way to progressively weaken it and have it crumble from the inside.

Kevin Freeman unfolds the analysis of this case using the example of what he calls « Bear Raids », i.e. the aggressive and hostile financial and market manipulations that were used and that led to the crash of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers. George Soros is widely known to have used these kind of tricks against institutions perceived as weak links to become the rich man he is today, and he certainly didn’t miss the opportunity to do so prior to and during the 2008 crisis. He is even mentioned by name in the document itself of Unrestricted Warfare, at least once on page 135 of the English version. Anonymous people betted against these firms, in other terms they betted on their collapse. Freeman mentions a bet of some 1,7 million dollars. Who would take such a bet without having concrete evidence that the market will effectively collapse? Signs were indicating that these bets were coming from the Middle East and London. Kevin Freeman then alludes to more specific tricks used by financial predators and sharks, like short selling and naked short selling. Without puting into question the competence of Kevin Freeman on these matters, I think Lucy Komisar has done a better job of explaining the mechanics of these two particular gambits, so as a complement I would refer you to this previous post where you will be able to get a lot of detailed information about short selling and naked short selling. I recommend that you listen to the one-hour interview that she gave to radio host Dave Emory in For The Record #650. Freeman also touches on some complementary elements to try to sum up the question of financial terrorism in relation with Unrestricted Warfare. That show is a not-to-miss to understand a little better the world in which we live.

Kevin Freeman with Frank Gaffney

Lucy Komisar on Naked Short Selling and other Wall Steet gambits

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Here is an interview that Lucy Komisar, an investigative reporter specialized on matters related to financial fraud and tricks, gave to Dave Emory for his show, For The Record. Being not a specialist of the financial sector, I won’t venture too far. But there are certain things that I want to draw your attention to, and these are the few tricks that have been developped recently by the crooks of Wall Street. Here they are: short selling, naked short selling and credit default swap.

Short selling happens when a broker buys shares for a client and wait for a certain period of time before transfering it to the buyer. In other terms, the broker waits for the value of the shares to rise on the market before transfering it, therefore making a direct profit in the exchange, besides his normal commission. To give an example, let’s say a broker buys shares at $10 and then waits three days, the legal period of wait, and transfers them at the new current value, for example $12. He then makes a direct profit of $2 per share, plus the commission. Naked short selling happens when a broker buys shares that don’t exist, through a mecanism of « lending » of shares that the Wall Street crooks have invented. With this scheme, the client buyer is not really the owner of the shares, even if he or she possesses papers of ownership. This scam is exposed when there is a vote of share owners and that a greater number of votes are counted than the actual number of shares that exist for that stock. But evidently, the broker gets paid by the « buyer » the value of this phantom share as if it would be real. And credit default swap happens when debts are bundled in large packages and resold in the form of derivative products. You might have heard of the expression « toxic assets ». Anyway, I remind you that I am not sure to get all the nuances for these abstract notions and financial manoeuvres, that is why I am suggeting you to listen to the interview and read the description that Emory made of it in FTR #650. Also, I have joined an article by Lucy Komisar posted on her website about AIG and their financial gambits and problems.

We are governed by crooks and liars. If it is not evident for you already, I think there is more than enough material for you here to change your mind. Welcome to Brave New World.

FTR #650

Lucy Komisar on AIG