Kevin Freeman sur la guerre économique que mènent les ennemis de l’Occident

L’excellent analyste économique Kevin Freeman dresse ici le portrait de la situation économique actuelle en ce qui concerne ses aspects militaires. Certains pays hostiles à l’Occident, dont la Corée du Nord, la Chine, l’Iran, la Russie, ainsi que des intérêts privés ou religieux du Moyen-Orient, mènent une politique de guerre économique contre les États-Unis notamment. Que ce soit par le biais d’attaques contre le marché des actions, de la dette publique ou des infrastructures informatiques ou de sécurité, certaines vulnérabilités de nos différents systèmes peuvent être exploitées par des intérêts qui nous sont hostiles. Freeman fait le tour de la question, en mentionnant entre autres le rôle joué par George Soros et l’Armée chinoise dans le déploiement d’attaques à caractère économique ou informatique sur nos systèmes. Vous pourrez retrouver de plus amples informations sur le site de Kevin Freeman, Global Economic Warfare.

Kevin Freeman sur Secure Freedom Radio

Kevin Freeman: Economic Terrorism Against America

Another excellent presentation by Kevin Freeman on economic terrorism against America, democracy and western civilization. To see other conferences by Freeman on that issue, presented along with remarks, explanations and keynotes, check these earlier posts, here, and here.

Kevin Freeman on economic and financial terrorism, second installment: Two video presentations

In an earlier post, I presented an interview with Kevin Freeman aired on Secure Freedom Radio hosted by Frank Gaffney. Freeman was making the case that the 2008 financial crisis has not been caused only by greedy financial executives or failed market regulations but as well by financial « attacks » that targetted specific companies and financial products deemed vulnerable to such manoeuvres. In his book Secret Weapon, Freeman explains and documents how countries or certain interets within them may have used these financial tricks in an attempt to sink the U.S. economy. To supplement the material already cited, here are two video presentations by Freeman, one at the Heritage Foundation and a second with The Daily Caller.

Lucy Komisar on Naked Short Selling and other Wall Steet gambits

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Here is an interview that Lucy Komisar, an investigative reporter specialized on matters related to financial fraud and tricks, gave to Dave Emory for his show, For The Record. Being not a specialist of the financial sector, I won’t venture too far. But there are certain things that I want to draw your attention to, and these are the few tricks that have been developped recently by the crooks of Wall Street. Here they are: short selling, naked short selling and credit default swap.

Short selling happens when a broker buys shares for a client and wait for a certain period of time before transfering it to the buyer. In other terms, the broker waits for the value of the shares to rise on the market before transfering it, therefore making a direct profit in the exchange, besides his normal commission. To give an example, let’s say a broker buys shares at $10 and then waits three days, the legal period of wait, and transfers them at the new current value, for example $12. He then makes a direct profit of $2 per share, plus the commission. Naked short selling happens when a broker buys shares that don’t exist, through a mecanism of « lending » of shares that the Wall Street crooks have invented. With this scheme, the client buyer is not really the owner of the shares, even if he or she possesses papers of ownership. This scam is exposed when there is a vote of share owners and that a greater number of votes are counted than the actual number of shares that exist for that stock. But evidently, the broker gets paid by the « buyer » the value of this phantom share as if it would be real. And credit default swap happens when debts are bundled in large packages and resold in the form of derivative products. You might have heard of the expression « toxic assets ». Anyway, I remind you that I am not sure to get all the nuances for these abstract notions and financial manoeuvres, that is why I am suggeting you to listen to the interview and read the description that Emory made of it in FTR #650. Also, I have joined an article by Lucy Komisar posted on her website about AIG and their financial gambits and problems.

We are governed by crooks and liars. If it is not evident for you already, I think there is more than enough material for you here to change your mind. Welcome to Brave New World.

FTR #650

Lucy Komisar on AIG

Follow-up on John P. Wheeler III murder case

Here are various sources from which you can continue the study of this case. I have linked two radio shows. First, Michael Savage’s show The Savage Nation, and George Freund’s Conspiracy Cafe to help you get an idea of the different connections, theories and possibilities. Because, at this point, there is not much else that we can do except speculating. Apparently, the FBI is not on the case (!!!), the police corps don’t say much and there seems to be a media blackout about it. So, with all these restrictions, we continue searching in the dark…

The links present a number of connections with one interesting lead:

His involvement as a cybersecurity expert with the Mitre corporation. It is possible that he might have uncovered some unpleasant facts related to the state of our cybersecurity in the western world. The last statements he gave in the months prior to his death point in that direction.

I have put as well some written material from the web. I hope these sources will help you.






This article portrays him as somebody deranged, mentally unstable, not uncommon in a cover-up and disinformation operation.