Interviews with Tobias Lindberg, Simon Holmqvist and Birgit Weissmann on Red Ice TV

These two Red Ice TV shows demonstrate the violence that is perpetrated against people of European descent in Europe. Physical aggressions, rapes, are common. But the worst of it is sneaky. It is the slow replacement of the population that is occurring, the replacement of the white people by people of color from Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Violence is only a tool that is used to coerce, convince into submission. The first video is an interview with two activists of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Tobias Lindberg and Simon Holmqvist. They describe and explain the phenomena of gang rapes in Sweden perpetrated by foreigners. The second interview is with the political activist Birgit Weismann. She presents here a summary of the situation in Germany.

Sweden special: No-go zones, Norse News and Christopher Dulny

A few videos from Red Ice TV to get some news from Sweden. In the first one, Henrik Palmgren recalls a demonstration that was held locally by the Nordic Resistance Movement. While Swedish police pretend that they don’t have any cars available to take care of crime and get into the no-go zones and clean these areas, in that case, curiously, they had at least fifty cars ready to suppress the freedom of speech of those right-wingers, patriots and nationalists. And it is not the only case, I must add. In every western country you can find examples of this double standard. The police let leftists and islamists get away with almost everything while they hammer down anyone who seems to be even remotely associated with the Right. Why is that, you might ask? Because in the West, the police is not independent, contrary to what they claim. They are employees of the State and are controlled by the politicians in power who are, in a vast majority, just a bunch of socialists, leftists and even communists sometimes. Social media is managed and controlled exactly in the same manner. The second video is the newest episode of ‘Norse News’ featuring Ingrid Carlqvist and ‘Conrad’. The third video is an interview with political activist Christopher Dulny.

Quelques épisodes de Red Ice Radio et Radio 3Fourteen

Ces quelques entrevues radio ont retenu mon attention dernièrement. Le site web Red Ice TV produit énormément de matériel vidéo, radio et écrit. Les commenter et analyser tous demanderait un investissement de temps et d’énergie considérable. Les épisodes que je vous propose ici présentent tous un grand intérêt puisqu’ils cernent directement les problèmes auxquels les patriotes sont confrontés (et donc nos sociétés) et les remèdes potentiels qui doivent être appliqués pour les régler. Je vous propose donc de mettre dans vos favoris le lien de cet article et de prendre le temps d’écouter chacune des émissions. Les invités que vous aurez l’occasion de découvrir, par la qualité de leur argumentation, permettent de bien comprendre les enjeux et d’entretenir de l’espoir pour l’avenir.

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