L’ensauvagement démasqué, sur Nomos-TV

Je joins également la vidéo du premier direct de Nomos-TV. À ne pas manquer.

Alexis Cossette-Trudel fait le point sur la pandémie et le Nouvel Ordre Mondial (19 juillet 2020)

Stéphane Blais et Daniel Pilon font le point sur les efforts de résistance contre les mesures sanitaires du gouvernement du Québec

Voyez Jair Bolsonaro exprimer sa colère contre ceux qui utilisent la Covid-19 pour suspendre les droits et libertés au Brésil

Bolsonaro s’exprimait récemment ainsi dans le cadre de ce qui semble être une réunion ministérielle ou de cabinet. On voit bien qu’il en a marre que des communistes, socialistes ou mondialistes aient récupéré la crise du Covid-19 à des fins politiques pour nuire à son gouvernement. Bolsonaro semble être dans la même situation que le Président Trump à cet égard. Bravo au Président Bolsonaro! Vous avez tout notre appui!

Remember the good old times: President Trump’s rallies before Covid-19…

That Trump rally was held in early March. I am publishing that because I am totally bored by everything that has happened in the wake of Covid-19. The lockdown with all its annoyances has been very depressing. That’s not us. And I most tell you also that I don’t recognize President Trump anymore. It is as if he has lost is mojo. Fauci and Birx have put him to sleep with their very sophisticated propaganda in order to convince him to order the lockdown and now the world is falling apart. America is the leader of the free world. That’s why President must take action to defend us now. If he doesn’t do it, the lockdown will go on forever and it will be the end of civilization. And time is running out. Everything that I have seen from Trump since mid-March was submission, capitulation to these crooks who are trying to impose on us their medical tyranny. I know that it is never easy to admit that we have been had, that we have made a mistake. But this is the very painful thing that President Trump must do. He was sold a bill of goods by Fauci and Birx. Based on the phony models provided by the Imperial College of London, they convinced him that 2 million people in the U.S. would die. Of course, at that time, most of people thought that the Coronavirus was really dangerous. Now, we know that it is not. It’s like the normal flu or an average cold, that’s all. So it is time for Trump to wake up. Everything related to Covid-19 is a hoax, from beginning to finish. It is time for the President Trump to stop paying lip service to the hoaxers and defend the patriots and freedom lovers. The policies that have been put in place during the lockdown are extremely dangerous for human culture and civilization. We may never get a chance to reverse what has been done to us and to our societies. It is time to strike back. In the interim, not knowing what will happen, I could always remember the good old times by watching some of President Trump’s pre-lockdown rallies. These were good times that may never be coming back if we don’t defend our freedoms. President Trump must take action now before it is too late.