Phil Simpson presents the heroic story of the Cimbri, on Red Ice TV

The Cimbri are a good example of what courage is and of what to do when confronted with adversity against incredible odds. I disagree though with their decision to commit mass suicide. This is not the way to go for patriots and nationalists. On the contrary, we must keep living our lives as long as we can to continue the fight against the tyrants (the modern Romans) who are trying to enslave us. The first video features Phil Simpson giving an interview on the air of Red Ice TV about the Cimbri. The second one is one of Simpson’s about the Cimbri and the consequence of cowardice.

Revisiting the protest against the removal of the Robert E Lee statue in Charlottesville

I thought it would be interesting to revisit the alt-right gathering that took place to protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue, in Charlottesville, VA, in May 2017. As everybody knows, a few months later, in August 2017, that city became the theater of one of the most outrageous smearing attempt by the Left to fabricate Nazis out of thin air. The Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville was a complete set up to smear alt-right activists as violent fascists and Nazis.The second and third videos are presentation and description produced by Red Ice TV of that first gathering in Charlottesville held by alt-right activists in May 2017 against the removal of this statue. The first video, by Stephen McNallen, gives some of the context to understand the core of the problem. We, White men and women of the West, are being taught and told that we have no history, no values of our own and that we deserve to be dispossessed of everything. Of course, this is completely false and wrong. We have a great civilization and spirit but we are the target of a deliberate campaign of smearing and deception to steal our resources, take control of our land and seize complete power. Whether the invaders succeed or not will depend on the determination of our citizens to resist, fight back and prevail. We must not let them rewrite history. We must stand our ground and defend our values and our culture. Our statues reflect our greatness and our strength. Our ancestors fought and died to give their children a future. It is our duty not to forget and to fight tooth and nail to preserve what they have transmitted to us out of their sweat and blood. No, we will not be replaced.

François Asselineau sur les péripéties entourant le Brexit

Le processus devant mener le Royaume-Uni vers la sortie de l’Union Européenne, ce qu’on appelle plus communément le Brexit, est devenu un véritable cirque. Il est évident que les élites politiques anglaises ne veulent pas réellement que le Royaume-Uni quitte l’UE. Ils ne savent plus où donner de la tête tellement le Brexit est devenu une patate chaude et qu’ils ne savent plus comment s’en débarrasser. Le Brexit pourrait avoir lieu soit en avril soit en mai, selon les scénarios. On verra. Pour ce qui est de l’UPR de François Asselineau, le parti avait organisé une célébration à Londres pour la journée où le Brexit était censé avoir lieu, le 29 mars. Cette célébration deviendra plutôt une soirée en appui aux partisans du Brexit et servira également à souligner les 12 ans de l’UPR.

Des Gilets Jaunes prennent la parole, 4ème émission

Nous devons soutenir les Gilets Jaunes. Au péril de leur sécurité personnelle et de leurs intérêts immédiats, ils vont manifester dans les rues pour défendre la France, les Français et leurs droits. Vive la République et vive la France!