Confrontation at Concordia: an Iran-Nazi fifth column in Canada

This film, Confrontation at Concordia, is a great follow up and complement to Discordia, that documentary produced by the National Film Board of Canada about the 2002 riot at Concordia University. This short film shows how the activist, pro-Islamist, leftist and sometimes extreme-leftist milieu in North American universities is in fact an Iran-Nazi fifth column among us that threatens to destroy our society. People who participate in protests against Israel in our universities are often violent, racist, anti-semitic, obnoxious. They encourage mayhem, vandalizing and destroying property and denying freedom of speech to Jews and opponents. I would like here to remind Palestinians and Arab nations a few things, in case you haven’t got history right. First, if we go back in past centuries, the Arab world made no significant development in terms of science, culture, civilization, in roughly 8 centuries, from the 12th to the 20th. It looks as if the Crusades had struck such a blow on the Arab civilization that it virtually stopped there its development. And that’s not Israel’s fault. Second, you lost WWI and as a result, the Ottoman Empire was divided into several countries but no country was formed under the name Palestine. Israel didn’t exist at the time, so it can’t be blamed for it, although a lot of people do. So I wonder on what basis exactly you are blaming the Jews for your predicament and your situation. You should look at yourselves first. Look at what you did wrong to explain your situation. It takes only cowards to blame the Jews for anything. Look into yourselves.

Next, in the second video, Benjamin Netanyahu adresses the students of Canada about the situation in the Near-East, Israel and its relation with Palestinians. The contrast between the « democratic » expressions of the pro-Palestinian activists and the moderation of Netanyahu is staggering. He also sketches the various reasons, historical, ideological, political, cultural, etc, that have led to so much hatred toward the Jews and the State of Israel. Netanyahu is a moderate man, civilized, democratic, liberal. To label him as a war criminal is nonsense. It gives you an idea about the level of brainwashing, mind-control, propaganda and hysteria that exist in the Arab/Muslim worldwide community. Nothing is never their fault; it’s always either Israel’s or America’s. This has got to end. Come on, brave men. I summon you to rise up and fight back against this tyranny of lies and deceptions! Israel is our Fatherland. We have to protect it. If it is destroyed, peace will never come in the Middle East nor anywhere else on Earth. Continuer la lecture

L’émeute de l’Université Concordia de 2002: Délégitimation d’Israel au Canada

Je vous présente ici un documentaire de l’ONF intitulé Discordia, sur l’importante émeute qu’il y a eue à l’Université Concordia de Montréal en 2002. Benjamin Netanyahu, le Premier Ministre actuel d’Israël avait été alors invité par un groupe d’étudiants juifs de l’université pour prononcer une conférence. Lorsque les activistes islamiques et gauchistes de Concordia ont eu vent de la nouvelle, ils ont organisé une gigantesque manifestation qui a rapidement tourné à l’émeute. Les responsables de l’événement ont alors décidé d’annuler la conférence et Netanyahu a quitté discrètement l’immeuble. En visionnant le document, on apprend que l’association étudiante de Concordia, la CSU, a joué un rôle important dans l’organisation des protestations. Sa Présidente, Sabine Freisinger, ainsi que son Vice-Président, Aaron Maté, étaient directement impliqués. Or, il appert que Sabine Freisinger est une des activistes qui fait parti du groupe PAJU, Palestiniens et Juifs Unis, qui à tous les samedis harcèlent un petit commerçant du Plateau Mont-Royal, la boutique Le Marcheur, parce qu’il vent des souliers fabriqués en Israël correspondant à 2% de son chiffre d’affaires, et ce avec la bénédiction et le leadership d’Amir Khadir, député de Mercier à l’Assemblée Nationale. Cette manifestation du PAJU s’inscrit dans la campagne mondiale de délégitimation d’Israël, la BDS, Boycott-Désinvestissement-Sanctions. Dans le documentaire, en plus de Freisinger, on aperçoit également Chadi Marouf qui lui aussi participe au boycott du Marcheur, ainsi que Jaggi Singh, cet activiste altermondialiste bien connu qui a plaidé coupable récemment à une accusation d’avoir incité des citoyens à démolir la clôture de sécurité du G20. Notez à cet effet qu’Amir Khadir, surprise surprise, notre bon député de Mercier, est intervenu dans ce dossier en payant une partie de la caution pour le faire libérer. Voir l’article de Radio-Canada à cet effet. On peut donc voir côte à côte Jaggi Singh, Chadi Marouf et Aaron Maté dans les locaux de la CSU à Concordia. Et on peut également faire la connaissance du « charmant » Palestinien Samer Elatrash. C’est lui qui a pris en charge l’émeute et selon ce que l’on apprend, un procès a été intenté contre lui pour le rôle qu’il y a joué.

2002 Concordia University riot: Delegitimization of Israel in Canada

Here is a documentary, Discordia, made by the National Film Board of Canada about a riot that occured at Concordia University in 2002. Benjamin Netanyahu, today’s Israel Prime Minister, was being invinted to speak in front of a group of Jewish students. When leftist and Islamist activists learned the news, they organized a protest that rapidly turned into a riot. The CSU, Concordia’s student association, was apparently deeply involved in the organization of the protest-turned-into-a-riot, both its President, Sabine Freisinger, and Vice-President, Aaron Maté, being part of it. In the face of the growing violence outside the walls of the conference room, a decision was made to cancel the event and Netanyahu left the building discretely. In the document, you can see among other characters a few of the activists who are involved in the Quebec chapter of the worldwide campaign of delegitimization of Israel, the BDS — Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions — namely Sabine Freisinger, President of the CSU at the time of the riot, and Chadi Marouf. This campaign in Quebec, by the way, is being promoted under the leadership and approval of Amir Khadir, MNA of Mercier. You can also see in the documentary Jaggi Singh, the well-known anti-globalization activist, being present in the offices of the CSU and giving his best « advice » for the handling of the situation. Singh was arrested for his behavior during the G20 Conference in Toronto. Among other things, he ploted to take down a security fence. Along with Singh, you can see the Vice-President of the CSU, Aaron Maté, and Chadi Marouf, all together in the offices of the CSU. Every saturday Chadi Marouf, Sabine Freisinger, Bill Sloan, member of the Communist Party of Canada, and others are targeting a shoeseller of Montreal, Le Marcheur store, as he and his wife sell some shoes made in Israel, corresponding to 2% of their sales. To get an idea of the smear campaign against this shoeseller, check this post. If you read french, you can use the search engine to see other posts. And also in the documentary, you can watch the « charming » Palestinian Samer Elatrash leading the riot. As a result of his actions, he ended up before courts and was awaiting trial at the time the documentary was shot.