A second shooter involved in Robert F. Kennedy assassination: RFK was shot from the back

Yes, my friends. The « Dead Kennedys » is the name of a popular punk group. This name nevertheless expresses a very dark reality, that the Kennedys were not killed by lone wolves, lone gunmen or lone nuts but by very powerful forces behind the scenes. It was true for both JFK and RFK. Labelled by Dave Emory as the « Underground Reich », a nexus of elements ranging from organized crime, nazi operatives, anti-communist agents, so-called leftists, big corporations and so on, these forces continue to exert a very strong influence in world affairs of today. As a key witness to the assassination, Nina Rhodes-Hughes, has recently retracted her original official statements saying that a second shooter was involved, Sirhan Sirhan’s (the supposed killer of RFK) attorneys announced that they were filing a challenge to the verdict, alleging a conspiracy by the authorities. But that’s not all. RFK Jr.‘s wife was found dead by hanging a couple of days ago…Dead Kennedys… Do you still believe in lone nuts? This is a video that supports the hypothesis of a second shooter. I join two blog posts by antifascist researcher Dave Emory that explores these connections further.

“No More Coverups!”: Another Witness Says More than One Shooter in RFK Assassination

Sending a Message? RFK Jr.‘s Wife Found Dead by Hanging