Alexandre Cormier-Denis présente l’ouvrage La France divisée contre elle-même, sur Nomos-TV

Alexandre Cormier-Denis présente ici l’ouvrage d’Adrien Abauzit, La France divisée contre elle-même. L’auteur y développe la thèse selon laquelle la France serait le théâtre, surtout depuis la Révolution Française, d’un remplacement du Français par un homme jacobin qui est le réceptacle, l’héritier et le missionnaire des droits de l’homme et de la philosophie des Lumières. Un des points marquants de son livre consiste à déboulonner le mythe du Général de Gaulle comme incarnant «la France». L’auteur réhabilite plutôt le Maréchal Pétain dont il dit qu’il a fait le choix stratégique de signer l’armistice avec les Allemands, en attente d’une meilleure conjoncture pour une victoire future. De toute évidence, c’est un auteur dont la pensée va à l’encontre de la pensée dominante en France, au Québec et dans la francophonie.

Article sur le massacre des Blancs au moment de l’Indépendance d’Haiti

Peu de gens le savent mais c’est bel et bien vrai. Les Blancs ont été massacrés lors de l’indépendance d’Haiti. Le même sort est arrivé à certains colons français en Algérie également lors de l’indépendance de ce pays. Et il se produit aussi présentement en Afrique du Sud où la population blanche est en train d’être petit à petit exterminée par la population noire. Ces faits de l’histoire montrent de façon éloquente pourquoi nous, les Blancs, devons rester majoritaires dans nos pays d’Occident. Si nous devenons minoritaires, le même sort tragique qui s’est abattu sur les colons européens en Haïti, en Algérie et en Afrique du Sud se produira aussi dans l’ensemble des pays de la sphère occidentale.

The True Story of Haiti—and the Mass Murder of Whites under Black Rule

La Petite Histoire – Croisades: Le grand mensonge, sur TV Libertés

Interview with Tom Rowsell about Indo-European civilization

Alex Jones about the 9/11 classified files and the ‘Dark Overlord’ collective

This is an extract from one of Alex Jones’ show. In this segment, he informs us that a collective of hackers known as the ‘Dark Overlord’ is making threats to dump classified files on 9/11. According to Jones, these files would inevitably expose the corruption in the city of New York City and in Washington D.C. Presently, on the surface of this Earth, there are not much people who still believe in the official version of 9/11. Most of humans are rather convinced that it was an inside job of some sort. These documents would prove that probably in a spectacular way. Think about this for a second. The United States has tremendous surveillance capabilities, with its satellites and the whole grid made of cameras linked to computers and servers. We can’t even sneeze without them knowing about it. So how in the world could they have been blind to such a massive operation like 9/11? How could they have not seen it being prepared in advance? Answer: It is impossible. We live in a Big Brother world. The level of surveillance is highly sophisticated and if the security apparatus know at what time you take the bus, what you say on Facebook or what food you buy at the supermarket, they would know if something big like 9/11 was in preparation. The level of corruption is incredible to have allowed something like that to happen.

The second video features one of the very few who was not duped by it, and it is the present President of the United States, Donald Trump. He called a television station on the day of 9/11 to describe what he saw. During the interview, he suggested that explosives might have been used. That was a priceless statement that you can hear around 6:45 of that video. It is not clear though if he wanted to say that explosives were on the planes, in the building or both. Nevertheless you can see here that he knew exactly what was going on. Donald Trump is being honest with the American people. It is one of the reasons why I supported his candidacy as President and why I still support him to this day and will for the rest of his presidency.

Is there an underground city under the Pyramid of Giza?

This video explores some of the rumors and theories about an underground city under the Pyramid of Giza.

Robert Spencer: How the ‘Palestinians’ were invented…

The Soviet Union with the help of Yasser Arafat created the ‘Palestinians’ out of thin air to be able to delegitimize and propagandize against the state of Israel. Those that we call ‘Palestinians’ were referring to themselves, in 1947, as Jordanians, Egyptians, Syrians, etc. Nobody thought of himself as a ‘Palestinian’. The Soviet Union and the Eastern Block were able to do that by exploiting the remnants of WWII antisemitism and by tapping into the endless reservoir of hatred for the Jews that lies in the Koran and in the religion of Islam and that you can find in any Arab-Muslim country to this day.

Jay Dyer’s analysis of the Las Vegas shooting (Republishing)

In the context of the first anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting, I republish the excellent analysis of the tragedy made by Jay Dyer on Red Ice TV, only a few days after the events. Additional information is available on this case as well. For example, Alex Jones presented on his show evidence that muzzle flashes could be seen during the shooting, which suggests that aircrafts might have been in the vicinity of the buildings. Here is an article that resumes the main evidence. On a personal note, whenever I think about this tragedy, flashbacks of the movie series Die Hard, featuring Bruce Willis, keep popping in my head. There is something ‘scripted’ about the Las Vegas shooting that we can’t miss.

Forget about the mainstream media. Only the alternative media dare to speak the truth.

Project Veritas: Deep State Unmasked series, Parts 1 and 2