Pat Condell on Free Speech in Europe

Listen to this marvelous video on free speech in Europe, published in 2010. I know that I am a little late but better late than ever. Pat Condell is extremely effective in summing up the situation of freedom of expression in the old continent. First, you have biased judges who act with contempt toward anyone who tries to defend the European culture against deliberate attacks coming from Islamists and pro-Sharia fanatics. Members of Parliament are frequently held to court and treated as if they were high-level criminals, such as in the case of Geert Wilders. Phony trials are organized all over the place to satisfy the bigotry of Islamists and/or of their submissive and coward European-born lap dogs. And for what purpose? To silence dissent. It is the most insidious form of censorship. And evidently, journalists are playing this game as well, buying the propaganda and showing no form of critical thinking.

As Condell points out, the Left is the new Far-Right. A group that greatly exemplifies this is the UAF, United Against Fascism. They are united against fascism, yeah, but they are no democrats either. In fact, they behave like a bunch of thugs, disrupting peaceful protests, often vandalizing property, etc. Europe is infested with activists of this kind, ready to sabotage every single aspects of democracy, in the name of democracy itself, this is the irony of it. Laws are protecting those who wants to destroy Europe. We can see it in the way courts behave, in the way journalists report the news, in the way activist groups are taking position on issues and acting on them. It is almost as if freedom of speech only exists for one side of the board: those who want to destroy Europe. As incredible as it may sound, that’s the reality. There is a diagnosis of the EU presented by Nigel Farage that you don’t wanna miss either, here.