Caroline Glick on the myth of the two-state solution in Israel: The Left controls the media (thank god, for once it’s not the « Zionists/Jews »!)

Caroline Glick in these two videos explains how, unfortunately, the Left in Israel seems to be controlling or setting the agenda for the media. In so doing, it is putting forward a propaganda that is not only counter-productive but also suicidal and dangerous for the survival of the Jewish people and the state of Israel. The country seems to be suffering from the same leftist biais that pollutes so often the media throughout the world, in Europe particularly, and here as well in Canada. I urge all Israelis to stop this non-sense and adopt a more mature and rational attitude. Steps and actions must be taken to defend the Jewish state because if not, it will disappear. The time for idealistic and virtuous games is over. It’s now time for action. All Israelis and Jews must defend the country against Islamic totatitarianism. Palestinians and Iranians are nothing else than islamofascist Nazis in disguise. They must be crushed before they get the chance of erasing the Jews from history. Stand for your own country and your own kind, Israelis!

Pat Condell on riots in Britain and other subjects

I present you a couple of Pat Condell’s last videos. The first deals with riots in Britain. You can feel and see his frustration and anger about the bunch of assholes who desecrated with their behavior the beautiful country that used to be England until recently. I share his frustrations. While the words might be a little harsh, tough, they nevertheless express the reality of things and that’s why it is important to hear them. The second deals about Norway’s killer, Anders Behring Breivik, the third about the treason and cowardice of the Left and all their pricks (who would have guessed?), and the last about the poison that is Islam for any society. These four videos relate to one another in substance as they deal with the slow descent of our society into fascism, whether we like it or not. It is always a pleasure to hear Pat Condell. His input is informative and relevant, while being most of the times funny and relaxing as well. In this era of political correctness, that is refreshing.

Warren Buffet’s 2010 Presidential Medal of Freedom: Finally, a still-sane man in the U.S.!

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Billionaire Warren Buffet wrote a letter to the editor of the New York Times recently. The letter was published in the August 15th edition. The reason why I am talking to you about that is that it is so rare to hear or read rich people in the U.S., and in the world, to actually say that it might be good to share both wealth and responsibilities with others, that it becomes an event by itself. As a centrist, I am becoming so weary of the useful fools on the Left but also on the Right, that sometimes I feel discouraged by all the crap that I hear or read. Here, with this letter, you have the opinion of a man who, believe it or not, and contrary to the vast majority of his peers, seems to have kept his senses, his intelligence, his judgement, his mental faculties. That’s certainly refreshing. So there is no way in hell that I want to miss that opportunity to underline that exercice. When people in charge, officially or in the shadows, conduct themselves as idiots, bandits and criminals, I think we have to say it and denounce it. But when they show opposite behavior, good and decent qualities, in all fairness, we have to pay tribute. It’s been a long time since I have not see anything coming out of the U.S., besides the work of my friends that I like to reference as often as I can, that seems moderate, thoughful and wise. That’s why I invite you to read this. The solution of our problems is not on the Right. The rich have to pay their taxes like any other citizens, in all fairness. And the solution is not on the Left. Seizing the wealth of the rich to give it to the poor makes no sense. When there are no rich anymore, who is going to invest huge chunks of capital when it is needed? The real solution is in the Center. Everybody is taxed by the governement at the same rate. Period. Thus, nobody can whine they are not treated with fairness. I also join a short clip of Buffet following the news that he had been chosen Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient for 2010.

Warren Buffet on taxation

Anders Behring Breivik: A sweet candy for the Left and useful fools…but too good to be true

Jes’ that I have a lot to say about this manifesto! First of all, let me clarify a few things. Looking at the « facts » to begin with, as usual, I don’t buy the official story. It is utterly improbable that this guy could have acted alone. Like in the case of the Oklahoma City bombing and countless of other similar acts, the « lone nuts » as we have come to call them have operated in teams, for the simple reason that it is complicated to organize and do such coups in terms of logistics for a start. In effect, in a tree nuts always come with a lot of brothers and sisters. In all probabilities, there were several shooters on that island to account for such casualties. Also, for me, the bombing of the governmental building in central Oslo is a separate operation from the shooting at Utoya. Yet the press and the police are trying to make us believe a ridiculous story where Anders Behring Breivik, the alleged killer, has taken a transport to go from the city of Oslo to Utoya island, with heavy ammunitions. Remember that he shot for an hour and a half, that’s a lot of bullets… As well, the official story says that he has fabricated the bomb that blew the federal building in central Oslo with fertilizer… You see, he lives on a farm… When you are a farmer, that’s the kind of things that you have, fertilizer, and if you don’t, you won’t eat very fat with your farming… Besides that it is heavy, again. Bombers try to find the smallest but most powerful explosives they can find, not something that you need a whole truck just to carry.

Another thing that is striking in this case is the manipulation of data that seems to have been taken place. According to a finding made by the webmaster of, the tags « christian » and « conservative » have been added to the killer’s Facebook page. By who? I don’t know but it smells like a set up, a frame up, a masquerade. Continuer la lecture

Pat Condell on Free Speech in Europe

Listen to this marvelous video on free speech in Europe, published in 2010. I know that I am a little late but better late than ever. Pat Condell is extremely effective in summing up the situation of freedom of expression in the old continent. First, you have biased judges who act with contempt toward anyone who tries to defend the European culture against deliberate attacks coming from Islamists and pro-Sharia fanatics. Members of Parliament are frequently held to court and treated as if they were high-level criminals, such as in the case of Geert Wilders. Phony trials are organized all over the place to satisfy the bigotry of Islamists and/or of their submissive and coward European-born lap dogs. And for what purpose? To silence dissent. It is the most insidious form of censorship. And evidently, journalists are playing this game as well, buying the propaganda and showing no form of critical thinking.

As Condell points out, the Left is the new Far-Right. A group that greatly exemplifies this is the UAF, United Against Fascism. They are united against fascism, yeah, but they are no democrats either. In fact, they behave like a bunch of thugs, disrupting peaceful protests, often vandalizing property, etc. Europe is infested with activists of this kind, ready to sabotage every single aspects of democracy, in the name of democracy itself, this is the irony of it. Laws are protecting those who wants to destroy Europe. We can see it in the way courts behave, in the way journalists report the news, in the way activist groups are taking position on issues and acting on them. It is almost as if freedom of speech only exists for one side of the board: those who want to destroy Europe. As incredible as it may sound, that’s the reality. There is a diagnosis of the EU presented by Nigel Farage that you don’t wanna miss either, here.