While everyone is preoccupied by Syria and Libya…China is reversing back to full communism

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Totalitarian ideologies are similar to cockroaches or rats: when you think that you got rid of them, they always come back. Come on, admit it. You thought that communism was defeated, right? Oh, so because the U.S.S.R. had collapsed and with it the Eastern Block, you thought that communism/socialism was over? Do you realize how much you were naive? Ok, listen. I don’t want to be too harsh on you. I know that the clues in sight seemed to indicate that it was the case. But as you can see, it will be a long road before we finally finish the job against communism.

In effect, after a few years during which China seemed to have opened its political and economical systems to allow for free enterprise and western-like initiatives, the country is in a process of returning back to the old communist ways, the ones inspired by Mao. China was never a part of the Eastern Block, they had their own version of communism that allowed them to survive the crash of 1989-1990 when the Berlin Wall came down and the U.S.S.R. broke into pieces. But recently, the dragon of communism made its way back to the hearts of the Chinese and convinced them that it was time to revert to what made Mao’s pride. And so, the “five noes” have been reaffirmed at the National People’s Congress. They lay the path for the years to come and will determine China’s both domestic and foreign policy: « No multi-party elections, no diversity in guiding thought, no separation of powers, no federal system and no privatization ».

With nazism that has gone underground after WWII and that has been active ever since behind the scenes to sabotage our world, with Islamism on the rise and trying to replace western civilization as the dominating system, and now with the revival of communism in China adding more weight and credibility to the socialist-inclined version of Islam put forward by Iran and its Hezbollah spearhead in Lebanon and Syria, you see that we have a lot of job on our hands. It is not a time to be weak. It is a time to be strong. If we don’t resist and fight back, we are going to be assimilated and/or destroyed by one or all of these totalitarian ideologies. It is time to make a stand for democracy, for freedom and for humanity. Resist before it is too late!

For a french interview on the same subject with a specialist of China, Loïc Tassé, click here.

Patricia Adams – Nationalizing China

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