Interview avec Blandine Soquet sur l’enfer des Khmers Rouges, sur TV Libertés

Blandine Soquet présente ici son livre intitulé Ma prison sans murs: Une enfance sous Pol Pot.

Interview with Bill Gertz about China’s unrestricted warfare against the U.S., on SFR

Alexandre Cormier-Denis: L’effondrement de la gauche souverainiste, sur Nomos-TV

Documentary about the repression of the Uighurs in China

The only thing with which I agree with Communist China is the way they treat the Muslims. These are the Uighurs, a set of populations of Turkish origin. I hate everything else about Communist China but in this case, they do exactly what needs to be done with Muslims: They don’t give an inch. They send the message to the Muslims that in China, it is the Chinese who rule. All non-Muslim countries in the world should do the same. If they don’t, they will inevitably collapse under the pressures of Jihad. But of course, the Chinese reserve the same treatment for other groups or minorities such as the Falun Gong practitioners or the Tibetan Buddhists and I strongly disagree with that. Let’s say that from everything that the Chinese have produced since the Cultural Revolution, I will only take the way they treat the Muslims and leave everything else. This video produced by Vice News seems to have a pro-Muslim point of view but regardless, it gives a good indication of the situation on the ground.

Interview with Steven Mosher about the Chinese Communist Party’s totalitarian vision for the world, on SFR

China has become the utmost realization of the totalitarian nightmare. What George Orwell and Aldous Huxley envisioned respectively in their novels 1984 and Brave New World has now become a reality but on steroids. Hitler and Staline couldn’t reach total control of their population simply because they were lacking the technological tools to do it. Now with Communist China, that scenario has become a realistic proposition. Massive surveillance through a very tight grid made of cameras, computers, Wi-Fi networks, satellites, working in sync with social media profiles, social credit scores, professional occupations and consumption habits, provide the communist regime all the data it needs to finish the enslavement of the population of China. It is very sad that the Chinese people couldn’t overthrow the regime in 1989. The people still had a chance in those days where the state of technology couldn’t deliver yet that perfect control to the government. 30 years later, time is running out for the Chinese to liberate themselves from these tyrants. The communist regime of China killed millions to realize its totalitarian utopia. And it destroyed the lives of everybody else in the process. Communist ideals and projects are always marvelous on the paper. But when the rubber meets the road, that’s another thing. That interview with Steven Mosher provides a glimpse into the reality of Communist China. Communism is a cancer that will devour humankind if it is not stopped.

And the worst part of it is that our leaders in the West have been complicit, if not actively participating in the building and expansion of Communist China. Among other things, western liberals and their crooked friends have allowed our factories (and all the jobs with it) to move to China thus facilitating the destruction of our industrial base; they have financed the development of the Chinese economy at the expanse of our own local markets that desperately needed money to renovate, change machinery, upgrade computers, invest in research and development, etc; they have transferred technology to China, sometimes illegally, allowing the regime to build its totalitarian machine and concentration camps where dissidents are detained and tortured; they have transferred military secrets, illegally, allowing the regime to build a war machine that will be used to enslave the rest of mankind and probably destroy us. And the liberals did that for one specific reason: they wanted to build up Communist China in order to use it to destroy the United States. It is so clear. That’s why I will never be able to forgive them what they have done to us. This is treason in its purest form. President Trump is doing what it takes to put a stop to their ambitions and we must support his efforts. If China is allowed to prevail, the Earth will become one single gigantic Gulag and there will be no escape.

Interview with Michael Kingsbury about the Gulag camps on Red Ice TV

This interview is a must-see. Independent filmmaker Michael Kingsbury has taken the very heroic task of exposing the reality behind the rhetoric of our beloved progressives, Marxists and socialists. The real world behind the propaganda is to be found in those camps where political dissidents and free thinkers were sent during the dark days of the USSR. There, they were served with a hard dose of communism. Dehumanization, torture, rape, brainwash were normal procedures, since humans reveal their true nature by their actions and not by their words. Furthermore, the kind of investigation undertaken by Michael Kingsbury helps us realize as well how close we are to slide again into that nightmare. Our leaders in the West have taken the very bad habit of being infatuated with authoritarian regimes, Islamist or communist often. Their veneration for Communist China for example has brought us into a very dangerous position where everything that we have built and developed so far seems to be up for grabs, available for selling or to be given away. It is often said that it is only when you lose something that you realize what you had. Time is running out. We must wake up and stand our ground. The forces of totalitarianism are gearing up for a total takeover. We must resist and fight back and defend our values and freedoms. If we don’t, we will finish our lives in the Gulag, real or virtual.

Interview with Sasha Gong about the Chinese communist system on Secure Freedom Radio

François Asselineau analyse la visite du Président Chinois en France

Le Président de l’Union Populaire Républicaine, François Asselineau, dénonce le double discours des élites politiques européennes et du Président Macron en ce qui concerne la Chine. Les élites politiques européennes critiquent vertement la Chine lors de leurs allocutions publiques mais s’empressent de resserrer leur collaboration avec le régime communiste aussitôt qu’ils en ont la chance. Par exemple, la politique européenne de libre circulation des capitaux facilite la prise de contrôle étrangère de certains secteurs de l’économie et des services publics, ce qui permet à la Chine de mettre la main sur plusieurs pans de la société française. Asselineau ne le dit pas ici, mais je crois avec deviné ce qui se passe. Le discours des élites politiques européennes est en fait tout simplement une opération de rhétorique pour rassurer les Américains, pour leur faire croire que l’Union Européenne prend ses distances avec la Chine, alors qu’en fait c’est tout le contraire qui se passe, dans le contexte où la Chine est perçue comme étant la prochaine première puissance mondiale. Lorsqu’on regarde aller le Président Macron, on a l’impression qu’il prend plaisir à s’allier à des gens qui sont très hostiles à la démocratie et aux droits de l’homme, alors qu’il se montre arrogant et belliqueux envers les défenseurs de la liberté et de la patrie. Pour donner un exemple, beaucoup de Gilets Jaunes qui ont manifesté à travers la France ont remarqué que les forces de l’ordre de la République Française visaient les yeux des manifestants avec leur arme. Comme dit le proverbe bien connu, «qui s’assemblent se ressemblent»…

Interview with Steven Mosher about Communist China and 5G on Infowars

The interview starts around 27 minutes in the show hosted by Alex Jones, up to around 1h 04 minutes. What Steven Mosher describes here from his own experience in Communist China is absolutely disgusting and terrifying at times. To set the stage for this great interview, Alex Jones presents a lot of very relevant information prior to the interview itself, so it is a good idea to watch the whole thing from the start.