The engineer has wrecked the train: American Idol Banana Republic and its cartoon leaders

A repost from anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory assesses the present political, economical and financial situation of the United States with great accuracy, as early as 2003. We must admit that he was right on target when recording that show. Here are the basic facts. The Irak war reveals itself to have been a deliberate scheme by the Bush Admistration to increase spending of the federal government in a way that would send it on a vertical spiral of deficits and debt. Accompanied by tax cuts to benefit the wealthy that inevitably decrease the state budget, these two measures or decisions look rather like sabotage attempts to destroy the U.S. economy, either for bringing a totalitarian regime or for Balkanizing them. People belonging to mainstream academia and media, such as Paul Krugman, have made similar analyses. The tax cuts implemented by the Bush Administration are so deep that it is impossible to maintain them without cutting U.S. spending, where the money is, i.e. in social programs or military budget. A report commissioned by the Treasury Department estimated that the U.S. face a chronic budget accumulated deficits of some 44 trillion dollars, if tax rates and spending budget remain the same. To close the gap, a 66% accross the board tax increase would be necessary. The show reminds us of a striking similarity that exists between the behavior of the French elite before WWII and the one of the American elite these days. If the French elite was acting in preparation for a takeover by Germany in defense against Communism, the behavior of the present-day power elite in the U.S. is suggesting that a similar process is under way. The broadcast also deals with other related elements of the puzzle, such as the role played by tax havens like Liechtenstein, Nassau, Panama and Switzerland. It has to be noted that Saddam Hussein siphoned off millions of dollars from oil corporations as bribes into offshore accounts. Hussein used this bribe money to finance weapons deals during embargo periods.

Things are becoming clearer now. I had never thought that I would see, during my lifetime, the collapse of three great empires: the U.S.S.R. and the Eastern Block, Europe as a land of democracy and liberalism, and the United States as the first superpower of the world. It must be a proof that nothing lasts, especially if there are people who work very hard to wreck the train, like it is the case in the U.S. these days. While everything is going down the drain and collapsing, people are mesmerized and hypnotized by the entertainment industry. It distracts them from seeing what is really going on. While shows such as American Idol put on a pedestal individuals who have absolutely no awareness and no consciousness, and no spirit I would add, of themselves and/or of reality, our leaders look more and more like cartoon characters day by day. Have you noticed how Hollywood seems to glorify gangsters, robbers, crooks, killers, psychopaths, etc? We can see it in movies, cartoons, videos, etc. Dave Emory is correct when he says that the U.S. is run by fascists. The whole bunch of the Bush Adminstration would fit very well not only in nazi uniforms but in mafiosi tuxedoes too. It is more and more obvious now that frontiers between organized crime, international corporate finance, public office and virtually everything else are more than permeable: they are revolving doors.

I have been reflecting for a while on the significance of Hollywood characters for our present time. These movie productions are expensive. Those who pay for them want a return on the investment. Good performance at the box office is certainly a key element, but even more important than that, is the propaganda benefit that comes out as a result. If Hollywood movies glorifies bandidos, killers and gangsters, it can only mean one thing: that it is these people who are in control now. A ruler never spend any dime to glorify his adversaries but only himself or his supporters. And in this case, I am afraid that the adversaries are us, the people. WWII might have been only an immense theater performance in which the real battle was fought not between fascists countries and liberal ones, but between fascist industrialists and financiers and ordinary people who only wanted to continue living in democracies. The behavior of the French elite before WWII is certainly indicative of that.

The engineer intends to wreck the train, FTR #412

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