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A repost from anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory assesses the present political, economical and financial situation of the United States with great accuracy, as early as 2003. We must admit that he was right on target when recording that show. Here are the basic facts. The Irak war reveals itself to have been a deliberate scheme by the Bush Admistration to increase spending of the federal government in a way that would send it on a vertical spiral of deficits and debt. Accompanied by tax cuts to benefit the wealthy that inevitably decrease the state budget, these two measures or decisions look rather like sabotage attempts to destroy the U.S. economy, either for bringing a totalitarian regime or for Balkanizing them. People belonging to mainstream academia and media, such as Paul Krugman, have made similar analyses. The tax cuts implemented by the Bush Administration are so deep that it is impossible to maintain them without cutting U.S. spending, where the money is, i.e. in social programs or military budget. A report commissioned by the Treasury Department estimated that the U.S. face a chronic budget accumulated deficits of some 44 trillion dollars, if tax rates and spending budget remain the same. To close the gap, a 66% accross the board tax increase would be necessary. The show reminds us of a striking similarity that exists between the behavior of the French elite before WWII and the one of the American elite these days. If the French elite was acting in preparation for a takeover by Germany in defense against Communism, the behavior of the present-day power elite in the U.S. is suggesting that a similar process is under way. The broadcast also deals with other related elements of the puzzle, such as the role played by tax havens like Liechtenstein, Nassau, Panama and Switzerland. It has to be noted that Saddam Hussein siphoned off millions of dollars from oil corporations as bribes into offshore accounts. Hussein used this bribe money to finance weapons deals during embargo periods. Continuer la lecture

Christie Blatchford is back at her Post: Her first task, nailing down anti-prostitution bigots

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It is good news for the National Post to have been able to recruit back somebody « behind enemy lines » (for those who don’t know, The Globe and Mail…) Personally, I think she made the right decision, you already know my call on that. She began last tuesday her new but somewhat previous and authentic job on a difficult task: trying to convince the Canadian public that prostitution is not a crime against humanity. Knowing that readers of the National Post may be a little more conservative or conventional possibly than the average one, it was not a small thing. Her article titled « Frank talk from the front lines » about prostitution, of tuesday June 14th, was more in fact a talk from the front lines of journalism itself.

How often do you hear, on the topic of prostitution, the usual following bullshit: prostitutes are all hooked on drugs, they are all beaten by their pimps, they were sexually abused when they were young, they are forced to do it, they don’t have any diploma, they all have STDs, etc? You must hear that on a regular basis. In fact, this is the official rhetoric on prostitution of our phony liberal-trudeauist-relativist ideology that came to prevail in the last decades. With this illusion put forward by the same people who brought confusion in the country using multiculturalism (and that alienated Quebec at the same time) of course, victimization and whining are key elements. It is not conceivable, for these people, that prostitutes could have a normal life, not use drugs, be able to pay their bills, even raise children, etc. They absolutely want to victimize prostitutes, and that says a lot about their psyche… Some of the reader commentaries on her article, published on thursday June 16th, were good illustrations of the incapacity for a large chunk of the public to really understand what prostitution is…because they have never been there. They don’t know what they are talking about.

What is going on between a client and a prostitute is, to begin with, a human relationship. That, the activists of « human rights » and glass knights of « human dignity » and all the other parasites that pollute our democratic life don’t care about. Knowing that they can draw attention by victimizing various groups and whining in their name on whatever issue, they continue to instill this cheap propaganda ad nauseam. I have a proposition for them: why don’t you take the boots, the whip and the lubricant and do it for a while. Then you could talk. I am tired of these bigots who have an opinion on everything but clearly don’t have a clue. There is a saying in the french language: « Ils ont des idées sur tout mais surtout des idées » . Literally translated, it gives « they have opinions on everything but mostly opinions » . That’s what we are dealing with here, anti-prostitution bigots who have an opinion. Blatchford didn’t condemn without knowing. She met with a prostitute in flesh and blood, like a true journalist does, she talked with her, put aside the widely spread propaganda and made her own opinion. That’s honest reporting. I just thought it was important to point that out for you, my followers, and I take the opportunity to welcome her back where she belongs…on this side of the front lines.

Christie Blatchford on Prostitution