Jay Dyer commente certains aspects importants de la Grande Réinitialisation

Son passage sur Infowars animé par Alex Jones a été divisé en trois parties. La première traite de la Grande Réinitialisation, une autre traite de l’influence de l’historien Caroll Quigley et la dernière du traitement que le cinéaste Stanley Kubrick a fait d’Hollywood.

Ken Pereira analyse le déploiement de la Grande Réinitialisation et la montée de la Chine

Dans cet entretien de haute qualité avec l’animateur André Pitre, Ken Pereira présente ses impressions sur la réalité de la Grande Réinitialisation. Je suis tout à fait d’accord avec l’analyse qu’il fait ici. Voici les grandes lignes. Nos élites dirigeantes ne veulent plus s’embarrasser avec la démocratie et les droits et libertés des citoyens. Ils ont créé de toutes pièces, voilà un siècle déjà, une dictature à leur image, l’Allemagne Nazie, pour satisfaire leurs fantasmes de domination et réaliser leur utopie totalitaire. Ce pays totalitaire leur a permis d’atteindre certains objectifs utiles. Mais nous connaissons tous l’histoire. Comme l’Allemagne Nazie a perdu la guerre, les élites qui l’avaient créée ont dû mettre leur plans sur la glace le temps qu’ils puissent mettre au point une nouvelle plateforme pour faire avancer leur projet, et cette nouvelle plateforme, c’est la Chine. Depuis 1949, les mondialistes ne cessent de tirer les ficelles pour que ce pays croisse et devienne une grande puissance. Selon eux, en 2020, ce pays est maintenant prêt à devenir la 1ère puissance mondiale. Et la Grande Réinitialisation, avec la pandémie de Covid-19 qui en est le prétexte, représente justement pour ces élites le moment où ils vont consacrer la Chine dans ce rôle et cette position et tasser les États-Unis sur les marges. À voir absolument.

The rise of Black Power and anti-White racism

One of the things that worries me a lot is the rise of Black Power in the Western World. If you browse through social media, you will see numerous example of this. You will see short videos shot will cellphones showing groups of Black teenagers targeting with violence lonely individuals, the elderly, the disabled and even children sometimes. They engage in violent behavior when it’s not in full assault. In Hollywood, you see big production companies replacing White actors with Black ones to play the role of White characters. In politics, you see political parties pandering more and more to Black communities, to the point where you have the impression that the interests of the White majority no longer matters. In the job market, you see White employees being replaced by Black ones or by ones of another race. In sciences, history is being rewritten either to victimize Blacks or to glorify them. In the field of publicity, you see an endless stream of ads where a Black man is in a couple with a White woman, etc, etc. Our society is the target of an elaborate propaganda campaign meant to brainwash the population into believing that Whites don’t own what they have rightfully and that they occupy their land illegally. Whites have to pay reparations, they have to do this, to do that… To feed your reflection on the matter, I suggest two videos of Red Ice TV on this subject. The first is about the Black Panther movie and the second talks about the immense fraud that is going on in the fields of anthropology and history. Before I let you go, I have one question: According to you, what is the role played by the government of South Africa in the development of anti-White racism in America? To what degree are they responsible for encouraging the development of hate and racism towards Whites? The last video features a snippet of an interview with the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters party of South Africa, Julius Malema, uttering again his famous statement: «we’ve not called for the killing of Whites, at least for now»…

Interview with Michael Kingsbury about the Gulag camps on Red Ice TV

This interview is a must-see. Independent filmmaker Michael Kingsbury has taken the very heroic task of exposing the reality behind the rhetoric of our beloved progressives, Marxists and socialists. The real world behind the propaganda is to be found in those camps where political dissidents and free thinkers were sent during the dark days of the USSR. There, they were served with a hard dose of communism. Dehumanization, torture, rape, brainwash were normal procedures, since humans reveal their true nature by their actions and not by their words. Furthermore, the kind of investigation undertaken by Michael Kingsbury helps us realize as well how close we are to slide again into that nightmare. Our leaders in the West have taken the very bad habit of being infatuated with authoritarian regimes, Islamist or communist often. Their veneration for Communist China for example has brought us into a very dangerous position where everything that we have built and developed so far seems to be up for grabs, available for selling or to be given away. It is often said that it is only when you lose something that you realize what you had. Time is running out. We must wake up and stand our ground. The forces of totalitarianism are gearing up for a total takeover. We must resist and fight back and defend our values and freedoms. If we don’t, we will finish our lives in the Gulag, real or virtual.

Deux entrevues sur les liens entre l’élite dirigeante et l’occultisme

Retrouvez ici Jay Dyer et Styxhexenhammer666 sur Red Ice Radio. Ces deux entrevues essaient de faire le point sur les liens qui semblent exister entre l’élite dirigeante mondialiste au pouvoir actuellement et l’occultisme en vogue à Hollywood, dans l’industrie de la musique et ailleurs. Les réflexions et analyses présentées par ces deux écrivains et blogueurs permettent de faire le tour des différentes hypothèses et interprétations possibles sur cette question, de faire des distinctions entre ce qui est plausible et ce qui est farfelu et de comprendre ce qui est réellement en jeu dans ce phénomène.

Esoteric Hollywood: How to Destroy the Entertainment-Industrial Complex

Discover the reactionary character of Walt Disney on For The Record

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The engineer has wrecked the train: American Idol Banana Republic and its cartoon leaders

A repost from anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory assesses the present political, economical and financial situation of the United States with great accuracy, as early as 2003. We must admit that he was right on target when recording that show. Here are the basic facts. The Irak war reveals itself to have been a deliberate scheme by the Bush Admistration to increase spending of the federal government in a way that would send it on a vertical spiral of deficits and debt. Accompanied by tax cuts to benefit the wealthy that inevitably decrease the state budget, these two measures or decisions look rather like sabotage attempts to destroy the U.S. economy, either for bringing a totalitarian regime or for Balkanizing them. People belonging to mainstream academia and media, such as Paul Krugman, have made similar analyses. The tax cuts implemented by the Bush Administration are so deep that it is impossible to maintain them without cutting U.S. spending, where the money is, i.e. in social programs or military budget. A report commissioned by the Treasury Department estimated that the U.S. face a chronic budget accumulated deficits of some 44 trillion dollars, if tax rates and spending budget remain the same. To close the gap, a 66% accross the board tax increase would be necessary. The show reminds us of a striking similarity that exists between the behavior of the French elite before WWII and the one of the American elite these days. If the French elite was acting in preparation for a takeover by Germany in defense against Communism, the behavior of the present-day power elite in the U.S. is suggesting that a similar process is under way. The broadcast also deals with other related elements of the puzzle, such as the role played by tax havens like Liechtenstein, Nassau, Panama and Switzerland. It has to be noted that Saddam Hussein siphoned off millions of dollars from oil corporations as bribes into offshore accounts. Hussein used this bribe money to finance weapons deals during embargo periods. Continuer la lecture