The controlled demolition of America on 9/11, part II: Richard Clarke’s allegations and the Underground Reich

Decidedly, the 9/11 case is the worst of all times. Not only there are countless dimensions and connections to be aware of and that need to be stressed but in the end, there are so many threads that one has difficulty keeping the focus on what really matters. In part I, I took a look at the direct links between the reactionary religious bigotry that is encouraged in Saudi Arabia and terrorism activity in general in the years just prior to 9/11. The Saudi connection seemed to have played a major role in the engineering, crafting and carrying of the 9/11 attacks. In another post a few days earlier, I took a look at the connections between international drug cartels and the hijackers. Let me recall that Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi infiltrated the Iran-Contra network involved in drug trafficking that was still in use at the time of 9/11.

This second part article will take a look rather on the flipside of part I. I will try to provide a picture of what could have gone wrong inside the U.S. to have 9/11 happened despite all the intelligence agencies, the FBI and all the capable people within the government. As a starting point, I will bring to your attention something that has made the news in the progressive sector last week but that was totally ignored, or close to that, in the mainstream press. Two young producers, Ray Nowosielski and John Duffy, made an interview with Richard Clarke, NSC Chief of Counterterrorism from 1992-2001, in October 2009. They recently launched a website to publish the interview and related articles and news. The site was temporarily taken offline due to CIA legal threats. To sum things up, Richard Clarke alleges that he was kept in the dark about the presence in the U.S. of two Al-Qaeda agents, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar, that would become some of the hijackers that flew American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon. His allegations concern directly three key individuals who were within the government apparatus at the time of 9/11, George Tenet, head of the CIA, Cofer Black, head of the Counterterrorism Center of the CIA, and Richard Blee, who was made Chief of bin Laden Unit in 1999 at Alec station, a listening post in the Middle East dedicated to Al-Qaeda. To watch the interview with Clarke, you can visit their website.

At the bottom of this page, you will find the interview that Nowosielski and Duffy gave to Peter B. Collins and Sibel Edmonds of the Boiling Frogs. It is certainly interesting but I will focus in this post rather on the work of reseacher Paul Thompson. In a three interview series, Thompson gave a precise and detailed description of some of the connections, jobs, actions of the main characters concerned by 9/11, whether they are on the side of the terrorists or on the side of the people who should have done the impossible to protect us. Among the many elements Thompson mentions in these interviews, he touches on the Al-Qaeda hub in Yemen. This hub was a kind of switchboard for Al-Qaeda agents willing to call to Afghanistan. In effect, certain countries had blocked such calls, so the terrorist network had to put in place an installation in Yemen that allowed them to have their calls dispatched or relayed if you will to Afghanistan or to other places in the world. This hub was considered so « hot » by the intelligence agencies and the FBI that a satellite was dedicated solely to monitor the activity within and around it. It goes without saying that this building in Sanaa was heavily bugged. It was owned by the father-in-law of 9/11 hijacker Khalid al-Mihdhar. Thompson also recalls the famous meeting in Malaysia in 2001 in which all major 9/11 hijackers participated. Thompson refers to it as the « all-star team » of Al-Qaeda, featuring for example Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Mohamed Atta, etc. Thompson explores briefly three main possibilities that could explain 9/11: incompetence, that we « let it happened », and that we « made it happened ». He points out with accuracy that incompetence and political battles between factions within the intelligence agencies and the FBI can’t explain by themselves 9/11. There is something else. At the end of the first interview, he mentions the question of the Saudi connection. It is certainly interesting to know that a CIA note was issued not to trust the Saudis on intelligence related to Osama bin Laden.

In the second interview, Thompson recalls that all three individuals targetted by Richard Clarke’s allegations, Tenet, Black and Blee, got promoted after 9/11, which is rather curious and difficult to believe in fact. He also points out that Al-Qaeda agents have been recruited by the CIA for decades long before 9/11, to be used as destabilizing agents against former Soviet Union. In the third interview, Thompson dives more deeply into the resume of Al-Qaeda agents. They were employed first in Afghanistan, then in Bosnia, then in Chechnya. They revealed to be excellent assets for the CIA. Overall, Thompson does an excellent work at chronicling, researching all the names, dates, events related to 9/11. On his website, he offers a timeline on this subject and countless others that makes it a terrific tool for researchers and journalists.

However, all facts are not necessarily equal in importance. Paul Thompson’s website is something to use rather as a reference for research and investigation. That’s why I want to draw your attention now on Dave Emory’s FTR #325. In doing so, it will allow me to continue from where I had left in part I. In that show, Emory recalls that in July 2001 George W. Bush selected Robert Mueller, a member of his father’s Justice Department, to be FBI director. Considering that Mueller was, in all appearances, negligent, to say the least, in his handling of the Pan Am 103 bombing, the Noriega prosecution and the BCCI case, it was certainly a strange choice. To refresh people’s memory, these three cases overlapped the Iran-Contra investigation. A full disclosure of these events could have led to expose the involvement of George H. W. Bush in Iran-Contra and also the business connections between the Bush family and the bin Laden family through James R. Bath, who was the Texas business representative of the bin Laden family. Dave Emory asks if, by any chance, Robert Mueller was not deliberately put in place at the head of the FBI just before 9/11 to have him cover up any malfeasance that would occur afterwards, the same way that he kept the investigations of the cases of Pan Am 103, the Noriega affair and BCCI to go anywhere and come to any meaningful conclusion.

Among many elements, Dave Emory recalls as well that the Bush Administration gave 43 million dollars to the Taliban, while they are the ones who sheltered Osama bin Laden. The bin Laden family immigrated from Yemen to Saudi Arabia in the ’20s. Emory cites John Loftus’s book The Secret War Against the Jews. The book, among other things, explore the connections between Allen Dulles, first director of the CIA, Jack Philby, Kim Philby’s father and British Intelligence officer, and the « founder » of Saudi Arabia, Ibn Saud. According to Emory, the three were of nazi ideology. Jack Philby created the House of Saud from nothing and its members came to replace the peaceful Hashemites who were guarding the Holy Places.

I would close this post by a few remarks. First, Paul Thompson, and he is not the only one in this situation, alludes briefly to the famous « false flag operation » scenario as a possible explanation for 9/11. He mentions it in interview #2. The argument being made, and you may have heard it from people belonging to the « 9/11 Truth » movement and from more « respectable » ones too, is that the U.S. needed a pretext to go to war with Irak. That’s just baloney. If the Administration needed a pretext to go to war with Irak, they could have manufactured something much smaller, with much lower casualties. They didn’t need something that big. Usually in life, you don’t use a sledgehammer to kill a fly if the latest edition of your favorite newspaper is sufficient. These kind of operations being very expensive, you don’t spill your beans unless it is necessary. Second, I alluded to the fact in part I that the date of 9/11 was the reverse of November 9th. But there is more. 9/11 is also the sequence in North America that anybody has to dial when there is an emergency, 9-1-1. What are we supposed to understand by that?

Well, it is obvious that a trick of massive proportions was played on us. The Saudis were only the operators on the ground to execute the coup. It was not a false flag, it was a real flag. An organization set the stage to bring America down using a mechanism of controlled demolition. But that was not the WTC that was control-demolished on 9/11, it was liberal democracy, freedom of speech, the bill of rights and the constitution, using fear, terror, intimidation, blackmail, threats, as psychological nano-thermites to have us abandon our resolve, our resiliency, our courage. Whether or not Richard Clarke tells the truth is certainly interesting to know but that is not really the issue. To know the names of CIA analysts who withheld the identity of the two Pentagon hijackers is also interesting but does it really matter in the end? I think that what really counts is the pattern of duplicity and corruption that allowed 9/11 to happen. To start a crusade to get the names or the identity of the specific bureaucrats who didn’t do their rubberstamp job correctly looks like a manoeuvre to have us to look the other way, mostly if you consider that Robert Mueller was brought at the head of the FBI, in all appearances, to hinder things the same way he hindered the Noriega, BCCI and Pan Am 103 cases. Also, whether or not operatives within the intelligence agencies and the FBI mutually shared all their intelligence with other agents and agencies is not really the issue. I agree that key pieces of information should have been mentioned, discussed and analyzed, and apparently it was not the case, but it never happens anyway in any company, institution or government. That’s human nature.

The only organization that had the power to engineer and carry out such a coup, is the Underground Reich. The Third Reich has gone underground after WWII. They survived on the immense wealth that they have plundered during the war from all the nations that they have occupied, conquered and submitted, and they have since rebuilt their political and propaganda apparatus. Just think for a second of how anti-semitism has resurfaced progressively, after all those years, when we thought it was over with. And there is also all the examples in which you can see that history is being rewritten. Dave Emory has presented a show about that, you can check it out here. The Underground Reich has perpetrated the biggest coup of all times. Compared to that, the Reichstag fire looks like a child’s play. They have done it to bring down democracy, to commemorate November 9th…and to welcome Americans to a Police State fascist government for which the symbol is 9-1-1

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