What a better way to « celebrate » November 9th than reading Martin Bormann Nazi in Exile?

On this blessed day for all Nazis, I just thought it would be fair to remind folks about some real history. The Reich didn’t stop their activities on May 1st 1945. It continued underground into the form of a capital network capable of influencing decisions, manufacturing key events, thus directing and changing history. The main character responsible for this was Adolf Hitler’s right-hand man and financier, Martin Bormann. Paul Manning, a wartime reporter for CBS who was trained as a gunner, have written an exceptional book titled Martin Bormann Nazi in Exile. I strongly suggest that you get acquainted with that remarkable research. The book is pivotal in any effort to understand the world of today. I have written a book review that you can access here. You will also find a link to download a PDF version of it and a URL to read it online.

Martin Borman Nazi in Exile

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