Afghanistan and Mystical Imperialism. An expose of the esoteric underpinnings of American foreign policy

This movie by Zev Deans and Jacqueline Castel presents the heroic work of journalist-researchers Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould. They are among the few American journalists who could actually go to Afghanistan in the ’80s during the war between the U.S.S.R. and proxy Afghan warriors financed and armed by the U.S. After this trip and another one a few years later, they had quite a different story to tell about the war, very different indeed from the one we got through the mass media here in the West. They have presented their findings and conclusions in two books principally, Afghanistan’s Untold Story  and Crossing Zero The AfPak War at the Turning Point of American Empire. You can visit their website at The movie consists mainly of a conference given by Fitzgerald-Gould supplemented by additional footage, pictures, maps, etc, to enhance the experience of viewers. It is certainly a must-watch, especially if you don’t know their work already. For those who would like, I have already covered their great work in this earlier post. Please take the time to see that movie.

What a better way to « celebrate » November 9th than reading Martin Bormann Nazi in Exile?

On this blessed day for all Nazis, I just thought it would be fair to remind folks about some real history. The Reich didn’t stop their activities on May 1st 1945. It continued underground into the form of a capital network capable of influencing decisions, manufacturing key events, thus directing and changing history. The main character responsible for this was Adolf Hitler’s right-hand man and financier, Martin Bormann. Paul Manning, a wartime reporter for CBS who was trained as a gunner, have written an exceptional book titled Martin Bormann Nazi in Exile. I strongly suggest that you get acquainted with that remarkable research. The book is pivotal in any effort to understand the world of today. I have written a book review that you can access here. You will also find a link to download a PDF version of it and a URL to read it online.

Martin Borman Nazi in Exile

83% des femmes en Égypte auraient été harcelées sexuellement

Sur cette page du site web Bivouac-id traitant de l’agression sexuelle de la journaliste Lara Logan de CBS, on trouve en addition un vidéo datant de 2006 présentant la déplorable situation des femmes en Égypte. Que voulez-vous, si vous mettez ensemble une culture incapable de se moderniser avec une propagande islamique efficace, ça ne peut pas donner de bons résultats. Après cela, ils viendront dire que nous, les occidentaux, sommes décadents! Avis aux coeurs sensibles, ces images sont dégueulasses.


CBS female reporter Lara Logan sexually assaulted in Egypt

Well, well, well…Isn’t that just marvelous? Our ‘democratic’ protesters in Egypt took the opportunity, while being so moved and transported by ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom of speech’ and protest, to have a little grope-fest if not a rape, on Lara Logan, a CBS female journalist! Isn’t that so cute! Because, after all, that revolution is not about the rise of Islamic fundamentalism and a return to archaic values, no…It is about democracy, freedom of speech, rights for everyone…and for women… « In some areas, men formed human chains, cordoning off groups of women and children from pushing hordes… » And from what were they protecting them? God knows what… Well, they will just have to wait for the next ‘democratic’ revolution. Because before long, that will be the Islamists and their archaic views on humans and women who will take the stage…and sexual harassment will continue with all the rest. Business as usual. What do they use to say, « Islam is a religion of love and peace »? Umh…