Yuri Bezmenov: The science of destabilization and subversion

This conference by Yuri Bezmenov, alias Tomas Schuman, is a terrific presentation on the nature and mechanics of subversion. A defector from the ex-Soviet Union, Bezmenov worked for the KGB as a propaganda expert before passing to the West. As 85% of all KGB efforts were directed not at spying per se but rather at distracting western society in order to subvert and destroy it, this presentation is worth viewing again. Bezmenov begins his speech by reminding us about Sun Tzu, an ancient Chinese general who has authored the tremendously important The Art of War, a book on military strategy. The point of reminding us about this is obvious: all the signs that our western society is being the target of one or of several destabilization operations by foreign and domestic forces are evident. That’s why we need to focus our attention on the specifics of how a subversion operation works.

Bezmenov presents the stages of such operations as follows:

1-Demoralization, during which the different components of a society are infiltrated and then hijacked to take them away from their initial mission. Artificial bodies of bureaucrats come to replace the citizens;

2-Destabilization, during which the process of subversion began in step 1 increases in intensity and means;

3- Crisis, during which a society inevitably faces either civil war or invasion by foreign forces;

4- Normalisation finally, during which all activists and « revolutionaries » who got involved in social change and uprisings are eliminated by the new power elite. Bezmenov gives several examples of communist revolutions where early backers and actors of the revolution have been killed once the situation has settled.

These techniques of destabilization and subversion, as laid out by Sun Tzu and others, can be used by anyone. As a matter of fact, if you open your eyes, you will realize that they are being used since WWII by various groups and mainly by the same actors: The Underground Reich i.e. the heirs of the Third Reich, Communist or post-Communist regimes such as Russia, Islamoleftist regimes/forces such as Iran/Hezbollah/Syria, Islamofascist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists, Wahhabits, etc. In all probabilities, our democratic societies in the West have to defend themselves against all these destabilization/subversion operations at the same time. As freedom of speech allows everyone to speak theirs minds, all agents of whatever hostile governments or ideologies can propagate their lies and twist the facts about our society. It’s up to us now to react and fight back against those who are trying to subvert democracy. To see other posts dealing with the teachings of Sun Tzu or Unrestricted Warfare, another Chinese manual about the art of war, check these links:

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