Interview with Diana West on Secure Freedom Radio: Bogus « democratic » revolutions, civilization jihad and the subversion of western societies

When the so-called Arab Spring took place last year, very few people actually showed any form of moderation in their analysis of the situation. Heated by the French Revolution-type atmosphere of the events, they displayed emotions ranging from euphoria, joy, happiness, etc, but very little in terms of careful examination of history and in terms of reflexion. A few media personalities and political analysts recommended caution on the contrary, and we have to acknowledge today that they were right. Dave Emory, a radio host and antifascist researcher for more than thirty years, was one of them. In a series of shows starting in FTR #733 through #739, he presented a whole collection of elements and connections that bring anyone studying this event to seriously put into question the official version of things. In effect, a careful examination of the so-called revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya show that there is virtually zero chance that any democracy could come to the light of day in these countries. Why? For a lots of reason, among them history, the type of Islam preached and imposed there, and the absence of significant civilian society structures. In all fairness, we have to recognize that his analysis was correct. You can access these shows below.

Last week, we learned that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood will in the end present a candidate, Khayrat el-Shater, for the Presidential Election, after stating earlier that they would not. On Secure Freedom Radio hosted by Frank Gaffney, Diana West, a member of Team B II and of the Center for Security Policy which produced the marvelous report Shariah: The Threat to America, offered this week a testimony on how the Muslim Brotherhood was not only taking control of societies in the Middle East but was successfully infiltrating and coercing the United States. Parenthetically, we could add that they are doing the same thing virtually in every other western societies. To exemplify this, she brings the example of how the U.S. military is slowly being accustomed and acclimated to Sharia, in order to make it more compliant with all the requirements of Islam, to a point of humiliation. In effect, troops in Afghanistan are asked not to do anything that could « offend » Muslims, at the expense of soldiers’ security, and to turn a blind eye to pedophilia. In other terms, soldiers are expected to show « respect », i.e. obedience and submission to Sharia Law, and the result is an immense feeling of demoralization. (By the way, demoralization is the first step in the process of subversion of a society. For more on this topic, check this earlier post in which Yuri Bezmenov, a defector from the KGB, presents the complete process of subversion.)

This element brought by Diana West is incredibly relevant. In a series of shows dedicated to the « novel » Serpent’s Walk, published under the pseudonym of Randolph D. Calverhall by National Vanguard Books, the same publisher as for The Turner Diaries, Dave Emory presents that piece of pseudo-fiction under the light of a blueprint. Here is an excerpt taken from the back cover:

« It assumes that Hitler’s war­rior elite — the SS — didn’t give up their strug­gle for a White world when they lost the Sec­ond World War. Instead their sur­vivors went under­ground and adopted some of their tac­tics of their ene­mies: they began build­ing their eco­nomic mus­cle and buy­ing into the opinion-forming media. A cen­tury after the war they are ready to chal­lenge the democ­rats and Jews for the hearts and minds of White Amer­i­cans, who have begun to have their fill of government-enforced multi-culturalism and ‘equal­ity. »

The infiltration of the U.S. Military is also an important step toward the subversion of the United States, as described in that novel. In the light of what Diana West tells us about the state of U.S. troops’ moral in regard with respecting the requirements of Sharia Law, one cannot not to think that the U.S. military is being infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, or that the Obama Administration is facilitating its infiltration and subversion by the Brotherhood to reach some kind of foreign policy objective. In a second show, other guesses continued the analysis of Egypt, the Middle East, the Obama Administration and the changes in foreign policy that are affecting not only our troops but our nations and as well. The future of western civilization is at stake. If we continue at this present pace, we are heading toward annihilation. We must effectuate a full reverse. If not, the Muslim Brotherhood and their nazi patrons will effectively bring democratic societies on their knees and finish them. Here are all the related shows from Dave Emory’s For The Record:

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