Greg Reese présente la lignée familiale et l’héritage de Sigmund Freud

Greg Reese présente Sigmund Freud et sa lignée tels qu’ils étaient vraiment au-delà du portrait édulcoré que la propagande gauchiste veut nous imposer. Pour ma part, je dirais ceci: l’héritage de Freud a été catastrophique, puisque ses travaux ont favorisé le lavage de cerveaux, le conditionnement des masses et leur mise en esclavage. Et parce que les travaux de Freud ont été récupérés et utilisés par les forces du pouvoir, des médecins et psychiatres comme Carl Gustav Jung et Wilhelm Reich ont été mis de côté et oubliés, dénigrés parfois, alors que leur contribution était en fait beaucoup plus significative. On en aura pour des siècles à réparer le dommage causé par la pensée freudienne. Merci, Greg Reese.

Makis « Hammer » Voridis: The return of Thor and the rise of Wotan in Greece?

The picture that you can see here in this post by anti-fascist researcher and radio host Dave Emory is reminiscent, as he points out, of the fascis, « a bun­dle of rods bound together with an axe head joined to it ». The fascis was chosen by Mussolini to describe the Corporate State. As it is rightfully brought to our attention by Mark Ames in this article, the new « Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks », Makis « Hammer » Voridis, was seen and photographed during his youth chasing down leftist students with a hammer on campus in Greece. He was the leader of a group of fascist students called « Student Alternative » at the University of Athens law school. The character of Voridis himself and his use of a hammer/axe is exemplarily relevant in this context and it opens the doors wide open for me.

Fascism, in its essence, is not a Christian phenomenon. Although it has shown signs of affection for crosses and other Christian symbols, we can’t really say it implies any particular relationship with Christianity. On the contrary. Fascism, and we have seen it in full light with Nazism, is derived rather from the Norse/Scandinavian and/or Germanic mythology, expressed notably in the sacred books of the Eddas. This mythology is centered on the need and the desire to wage war, to prepare for battle, to conquer. There is nothing « Christian » about it. The symbols chosen by Nazi Germany, the torches, the swastika, the crosses, the flags, all these things were realigned to satisfy the needs of a religion of war, destruction and bloodshed. The fact that Mussolini chose the fascis to describe his project for Italy is not incidental and the fact that Makis Voridis used such an instrument in the past is literally a sign, even if it is a bad one, from the heavens to give us a clue. As Emory points out, a fascist junta took power in Greece in 1967 and its leaders were drawn form the residua of WWII collaborationists who were running the local government for the Third Reich.

But there is something that speaks volumes even more. One of the main characters of Norse/Scandinavian mythology is Thor, son of Odin. Well, it just happens that Thor always goes to battle with his favorite companion, Mjöllnir, a hammer… Thor was even integrated in the more modern mythology of Marvel Comics in the sixties. A blockbuster film was made last year about it. And when we know the business connections that exist between American and German corporations and their influence in the rise of fascism in Europe, it is not a surprise. More specifically in terms of Germanic mythology, Odin has its equivalent in the god Wotan. Great psychologist Carl Gustav Jung has written a text on the cult of Wotan and its relationship with the rise of Nazism in Germany and his contemporary criticism remains certainly as valid today as it was yesterday. Wotan is the « the god of storm and frenzy, the unleasher of passions and the lust of battle; moreover he is a superlative magician and artist in illusion who is versed in all secrets of an occult nature ». Sounds familiar with a guy named Hitler? Jung analyses several important aspects of German culture and literature, such as Nietzsche and his masterpiece Thus Spake Zarathustra, the inheritage of Meister Eckhart, the relationships between Wotan and Dionysus, among other things.

So, my friends, I would ask you, is Makis « Hammer » Voridis, an incarnation of Thor, descending form the skies…or just another puppet of a fascist takeover of Greece that is to come really soon?

Sex and slaughter: Anders Behring Breivik’s and Hitler’s fascist views on sexuality

On Thursday July 28th, National Post‘s Jonathan Kay wrote an excellent article on the links between Anders Behring Breivik’s and Adolf Hitler’s intellectual patterns. I am particularly grateful that he took the time (thanks!) to read into the whole or at least some parts of Breivik’s manifesto. Having a day job and being interested and compelled into so many things at the same time for the elaboration of this blog, I don’t have time unfortunately to read 1,500 pages+ manifestos. I strongly rely on the research of others, journalists or researchers, to be able to blog and analyse situations and cases. I intervene at « level 2  » if you will, in the process toward truthful information. I don’t have the credentials to pretend that I am an investigative journalist nor that I have those to be considered a professional and acknowledged researcher. My background is made of research in religious studies and psychology, and attempts to established myself as professional writer in philosophy and other subjects.

These caveats being made, let’s get back to the article. Kay quotes or references several passages of Hitler’s Mein Kampf in which the nazi leader expresses psychopathological thoughts linking negative views on sexuality, biological illnesses, germ theory, moral decadence and racial theory on Jews and other groups. Kay compares these passages with some of Breivik’s manifesto, revealing some striking similarities: references to sexual decadence, sexually transmitted diseases, social reform needed, etc. The article continues the analysis and overall it does an excellent job at bringing up to the surface a very important element that 99,9% of the rest of the media managed to miss regarding this case, as it is almost always the case unfortunately with anything really important. Continuer la lecture