Entrevue #3 avec Peter Levenda sur l’héritage hitlérien et le djihad mondial

La conversation entre l’animateur radio Dave Emory et l’auteur Peter Levenda se poursuit lors de cette troisième entrevue. Pour accéder aux deux premières entrevues, veuillez consulter cet article précédent. Entre autres éléments intéressants et fort pertinents, l’entrevue s’arrête plus particulièrement sur les réseaux de type « stay-behind » mis en place par le régime nazi dans les derniers mois de la guerre; sur un rapport nommé le « Document de la Maison Rouge » faisant état d’un plan pour établir un Quatrième Reich en Europe après la guerre, de nature économique surtout; sur le rôle joué par la firme d’avocats Sullivan et Cromwell; sur celui joué par certains personnages importants de l’époque comme les frères Dulles; sur les « ratlines » et le futur pape Paul VI; sur l’agence de renseignement de Reinhard Gehlen; sur la Banque des Règlements Internationaux; sur la diaspora nazie en Asie du Sud, et bien d’autres sujets. À écouter.

FTR #840 Interview (#3) with Peter Levenda about “The Hitler Legacy”

Interview with Fara Mansoor, Part I. The hostage crisis in Iran: A coup d’état against both the Shah and Carter

This fascinating and incredibly massive several hour interview features Fara Mansoor, a member of the Iranian Resistance. It was recorded in January and March 1993 on Dave Emory’s radio show, For The Record, during three separate shows. At the time, Dave Emory had a 4-hour airtime format at his disposal. That’s why he could allow his guest to utilize so much space to talk, present and explain all the different connections, details, etc, about this case, and Fara Mansoor certainly didn’t miss such an opportunity. The wealth and scope of detail in Mansoor’s research is absolutely fantastic, impressive and beyond description. In these times of mass media tyranny, where everything is downsized to its simplest expression and where the Twitter format of 140 characters has relegated the classic tools of expression such as the book, the academic journal, the Ph. D. thesis, the university or scientific research to the antics of history, this interview tastes like an oasis of science, research and intelligence.

In these eight segments, representing the first two shows, that I have attached here for you and that you will find regrouped in the second link titled « The Terror Connection », Fara Mansoor explains something that is never presented anywhere else in the media. In a nutshell, these are the basic elements that you will discover:

The received story about the hostage crisis of 1979 and the Iranian Revolution is a lie. In order to understand what has taken place during these crucial months, one has to know certain facts of history. The first and most important, is that the Shah of Iran, Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi, has been brought to political power by a coup d’état fomented by the CIA against the moderate and Moscow-backed goverment of Mossadegh in 1953. The connections between U.S. intelligence agencies and governements and the regime of Iran are overt. What is the link between that and the Iranian Revolution, you will ask? This: Richard Helms, former CIA director (1966-1973) and then U.S. ambassador in Iran (1973-1976), learned around 1975 that the Shah had cancer. So the geo-political and geo-strategical motivations that were behind the destitution — because that’s exactly what we are talking about here — of Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953 were sent back in motion again. But this time, it would be the Shah who will have to be replaced by again another fierce anti-communist. Continuer la lecture