A Fireside Chat: Get to know more Dave Emory as he explains the concept of the « Underground Reich »

This show by anti-fascist researcher and radio personality Dave Emory is definitely « different » from the other shows. In this broadcast, we get to know more of Dave Emory as he explains a key concept of his political analyses, that of the « Underground Reich ». As a starting point, Emory presents a glimpse into the political  and military strategy of Sun-Tzu, a Chinese general, as he wrote in his manuel, The Art of War. Incidently, these few passages were excerpted in The Service: The Memoirs of General Reinhard Gehlen. Reinhard Gehlen, for those who don’t know, was Hitler’s intelligence chief for the Eastern Front before he was hired by the CIA at the end of the war. Through the Cold War, Gehlen continued to spy on the Soviets but then on for the benefit of the CIA. As Emory explains more in details what he means by the « Underground Reich », he tries to make us reflect on the possibility that such tactics as described by Sun-Tzu could very well be applied here in the western world, and on the means that we could use to fight back against them. Finally, through psychological, spiritual and metaphysical analyses, Emory invites us to reflect on the higher meaning of life and on what it means to resist and fight back against tyranny. This show is absolutely fabulous. This is a must-listen!

A Fireside Chat