Follow-up on John P. Wheeler III murder case

Here are various sources from which you can continue the study of this case. I have linked two radio shows. First, Michael Savage’s show The Savage Nation, and George Freund’s Conspiracy Cafe to help you get an idea of the different connections, theories and possibilities. Because, at this point, there is not much else that we can do except speculating. Apparently, the FBI is not on the case (!!!), the police corps don’t say much and there seems to be a media blackout about it. So, with all these restrictions, we continue searching in the dark…

The links present a number of connections with one interesting lead:

His involvement as a cybersecurity expert with the Mitre corporation. It is possible that he might have uncovered some unpleasant facts related to the state of our cybersecurity in the western world. The last statements he gave in the months prior to his death point in that direction.

I have put as well some written material from the web. I hope these sources will help you.






This article portrays him as somebody deranged, mentally unstable, not uncommon in a cover-up and disinformation operation.