G. Edward Griffin sur la montée du collectivisme

Excellente entrevue avec G. Edward Griffin sur le collectivisme. Entre autres sujets, l’auteur aborde ici l’imposture de la fracture Gauche-Droite. Cette division savamment entretenue par les élites chez les partisans politiques sert évidemment à saboter tout effort de réel changement social. Elle ne reflète pas la complexité des sociétés humaines. Les partis politiques se réclamant de la fracture Gauche-Droite servent donc davantage en fait à maintenir le statu quo qu’à faire avancer les sociétés humaines. Griffin aborde une plénitude de sujets divers qu’il amène pour exemplifier ou documenter son analyse de la montée de la tyrannie collectiviste.

Andrew Gavin Marshall on The Boiling Frogs: NGOs, universities and social engineering

This interview with Andrew Gavin Marshall on The Boiling Frogs show presents many relevant issues. In a nutshell, Marshall tries to raise our awareness on how the education system and so-called non-profit organizations have come to play a central role in the shaping of people’s minds. We are way passed the point where our universities and NGOs would still be in the business of helping people and caring for their needs as future responsible citizens. We live in an information (read intelligence) era where control has become the objective of every policy maker. The second half of the show is particularly striking for this. Marshall helps us to realize that Foundations such as the Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ford provide founding only to NGOs that have pre-selected agendas and actions that fit with the ideology of these giant corporations. Social engineering is the new science by which oligarchs, industrialists and corporations now control the world. If you control people’s minds, you do actually control them. During the last decades, we have seen the realization of what was only contemplated or projected in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World: A world where every need and desire is foreseen in advance and duly manufactured and presented to the people as a « choice ». NGOs and universities make sure that citizens have a pre-fabricated mind perfectly suited to accept, integrate and consume these ideas, and in turn approved products and services. All for the benefit of giant corporations that came to replace the royal families and the Church as the ruling elite during the 19th and 20th century.

Andrew Gavin Marshall on BFP

Follow-up on John P. Wheeler III murder case

Here are various sources from which you can continue the study of this case. I have linked two radio shows. First, Michael Savage’s show The Savage Nation, and George Freund’s Conspiracy Cafe to help you get an idea of the different connections, theories and possibilities. Because, at this point, there is not much else that we can do except speculating. Apparently, the FBI is not on the case (!!!), the police corps don’t say much and there seems to be a media blackout about it. So, with all these restrictions, we continue searching in the dark…

The links present a number of connections with one interesting lead:

His involvement as a cybersecurity expert with the Mitre corporation. It is possible that he might have uncovered some unpleasant facts related to the state of our cybersecurity in the western world. The last statements he gave in the months prior to his death point in that direction.

I have put as well some written material from the web. I hope these sources will help you.






This article portrays him as somebody deranged, mentally unstable, not uncommon in a cover-up and disinformation operation.