The investigation of Rita Katz on Operation Green Quest

This radio show by Dave Emory explores the heroic investigation of private citizen Rita Katz on Operation Green Quest that led to the Holy Land Foundation trial. Her work allowed us to unveil the deep penetration of the GOP and of the Bush Administration by islamist elements from the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Al-Qaeda. However, her research was eventually subverted and neutralized by members of the CIA and FBI. Among several things, Dave Emory explores the role eventually played by the Ptech firm, owned and controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, on the day of 9/11. In effect, the fact that it is Ptech that developped the threat assessment software used by the Air Force, the FAA and Norad could account for the confusion experienced on the morning of 9/11, which facilitated the attacks and delivered New York and Washington D.C. to hostile forces. Also, the role played by the Safa Trust and the SAAR network on the economic side of it is also explored, among other elements. Rita Katz has written a book titled Terrorist Hunter in which she chronicles the whole story.

FTR #569: The triumph of treason

The Globe and Mail on Hamas: When journalism pays lip service to Islamic Jihad

This documentary by Patrick Martin, Inside Hamas, is undrinkable. It stinks propaganda and cheap interests. If your desire is to surrender everything that we have, all that we have accomplished to this bunch of terrorists, why don’t you just say so? Your pro-Palestinian agenda is literally disgusting. In this documentary, and I’m not even sure we can call it that way, we only hear the Palestinian side of the story, which is, as always, that they are the victims of bloodthirsty Israelis who can’t control themselves massacring innocent civilians, children and women. You mention in the film that the Muslim Brotherhood was founded in the 1920s. O.K. But do you know that it was aligned with Nazi Germany during WWII? That Hasan al-Banna, its founder, offered the help of his group to Adolf Hitler and that Hitler accepted? Do you know that PIJ, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, do the nazi salute when they meet? That Israel received something like 12 000 rockets in the last years alone? You probably know these things…but it doesn’t fit with your agenda to mention them. Another gross and demented element in the document is the use of the term « resistance » to describe the activism and terrorism activities of the Hamas. Thanks for the reference to my site…but that’s not what I do. I think the Jews are good people, that the State of Israel has legitimacy and I don’t condone violence justified with religious bigotry. Resistance is the struggle against political or religious systems that are trying to keep humans down. The Hamas is everything but that. They are dedicated to the destruction of Israel, the only democracy in that part of the world, and they won’t rest until it is accomplished. You see, for the Islamists, the problem with Israel is that…it’s populated by Jews. The so-called Palestinian refugees are sometimes expelled, denied citizenship, refused entry by Arab countries. The Arab League created the Palestinian refugee problem when they rejected the two-state plan for Palestine in 1947 and when a few of its countries attacked Israel in 1967. Do Palestinians care about that, do they manifest, organize Intifadas, protests, etc? No…because these countries are populated by Arabs and Muslims and they don’t want to hurt their brothers… So all the hatred, frustrations, disappointments are re-driven, re-targeted toward Israel…because they’re Jews and Jews don’t have the right to possess their own state. Like the Koran says, Jews are pigs and dogs, so it doesn’t bother if you harass them or kill them…they’re just Jews.

I used to buy the Globe and Mail to read during my lunch break. But it’s over. From now on, I will buy the National Post. They respect Israel, the Jews, and they know how to differentiate between terrorists and real moderates or true resistants. Frankly, the world is going to pieces and with these kind of attitudes, we can be sure that it will be destroyed. In finishing, by the way, be sure of one thing: whatever lip service you might provide for Islamists, when the time comes, they will get rid of you if you don’t convert to Islam. Holy Jihad requires that all non-Muslims be killed unless they do so. Documentaries like can’t save anyone’s life.

Inside Hamas