Barbarians decivilizing Europe: who told you to let that happen, Europe leaders?

Can you imagine for a second what the meeting of Islam with Hip-Hop or Rap music would give? Look at the teenagers in this video. These Turks living in Germany certainly don’t represent the incarnation of the Enlightenment ideal. By letting these under-civilized or barbarians populate Europe, this continent that once made the pride of all humanity will  definitely crumble into civil war, destruction, disintegration, annihilation. You don’t need to be a divine to see that. A nation is as great as its citizen. If you let in people who aren’t capable, for whatever reasons, to uphold the highest principles of civilization in your country, you are thus in fact handing over the land to villains. If the leaders of Europe don’t pass laws to redress the situation quickly, you can be sure that a terrible bloodshed will ensue.