The TransCanada Corporation pipeline project: it’s way better to shed oil than blood

Yesterday’s Globe and Mail edition featured an article on oil spills that have happened recently in relation with the North American pipeline that is in the process of being completed. Among recent spills, we have had incidents in a Michigan river, a Chicago suburb, a small ranch and a forest in Alberta and now in North Dakota. As it was to be expected, many have expressed reservations in regards with the pipeline industry, doubting that the activity in itself is anything but secure. Elizabeth May of the Green Party took the opportunity to celebrate her victory in the last elections by presenting the known propaganda line of the Green movement and, after all, she has been elected to do just that. I don’t have a problem with it.

What I have a problem with is, again, the lack of long-term vision that affects a lot of Canadians when comes the time of studying and analysing a situation. Terrorism and Islamic civilization-jihadism is sponsored by oil producer countries, namely Arab and Muslim states such as Saudi Arabia, states of the Gulf, Iran, possibly Pakistan, and others that we don’t know. What we are trying to do in America by constructing this pipeline is to become independent vis à vis these countries that sponsor terrorism and that use the oil supply to exert threats and blackmail on western countries. To give the example of Europe, it seems rather too late for them, if we are to judge on the fact that they have embraced the campaign of delegitimization of Israel put forward by the Organization of the Islamic Conference. Being dependent on the oil coming from the countries of the OIC, the European Union has committed treason on their citizens by accepting that Europe would be progressively assimilated by Islam and its values. We can see it by the enormous amount of immigrants that pour in every year coming from Arab and Muslims countries. These immigrants are arabizing and islamizing Europe, and its leaders don’t do anything to counter that, because they are complicit. They have struck a deal with the OIC and they have to keep their end of the bargain. Is it what you would like to happen to North America, to have a bunch of mullahs and imams setting their agenda on us, to be able to islamize and assimilate our countries?

So to put the finger on the North American pipeline industry for a few spills, not only it is rather stupid, but it is irresponsible. We need this energy to become independent vis à vis states that sponsor terrorism. Apparently, Enron was working on a deal with the Taliban to build a pipeline through Afghanistan to the Caspian Sea, but the negociations aborted. And then 9/11 happened… One day or another, this pipeline will be under construction but who will control the valve? In what direction will it flow? Another recent Globe and Mail article by Marc Champion informed us that Turkey will build a new canal to — officially at least — ease traffic in the already existing, busy and dangerous Bosporus canal. A pipeline project was envisioned but oil companies are reluctant to unload and reload their cargo, because of costs, from the Black Sea to the Marmara Sea and this new canal is the perfect solution. But I cannot but to see that this project of Turkey is in fact related to the Afghan pipeline project. Is Turkey preparing itself to be the leader of that Afghan pipeline? Is it willing to position itself in a way to be in control of its flow? What does it imply for the security of the world? I remind you that President Erdogan of Turkey is not a secular man. He is a Muslim and he and his party, the AKP Party, have ties to organizations such as the supposedly humanitarian IHH. The IHH has sponsored the Mavi Marmara flotilla that tried to break the Gaza blockade last summer. It has strong links with Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood elements.

Also, Israel has made a similar move that Canada has recently. The Israelis will begin exploiting a vast deposit of oil that will make them independent toward anybody that could exert blackmail, and I don’t have to remind you that they are numerous in their case. According to a JSS News article, they will produce 50 000 barils a day for 30 years, which would make them as rich in oil as Saudi Arabia… IDT Energy is leading the project. So it is the role of the Canadian government to continue to be the leader of the North American pipeline and to support Israel in its efforts to remain a vibrant democracy that embraces western values. With their resources combined, the U.S., Canada and Israel could become totally independant of Arab/Muslim nations on oil and that’s when, finally, we will be able to pull the plug on carrying the agenda of these Muslim nations that are dedicated to the destruction of the Jews, of the Judeo-Christian civilization and of all liberties and freedoms that characterize the modern world. If for the moment their threats and blackmail techniques seem to be fonctionning, there will be a time when it will no longer. I want the leaders of the western to behave responsibly. Control energy and you control security. In the end, it’s better to shed oil than blood. We are better off in a polluted world under Christian or Judaic rule than in a « green » world under Sharia, don’t you think?

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