Libyan rebels give their first seminar on democracy

Look at these beautiful « rebels » from Libya. Don’t you think that they are not inspiring for the democratic life? Look at the way they present freedom of speech, democracy and all the values belonging to it… Isn’t that amazing? All this time we could have had the immense privilege of being taught and guided by these extraordinary examples of citizens exercizing their democratic rights, and we missed it! I guess it is because we, westerners, have such a poor opinions of these folks. In our wisdom, we decided to back authoritarian figures that would terrorize the people of these countries, and all this time we were wrong! Look at how they are capable of handling democratic expressions, enter into dialogue, negociate and find concrete solutions that would satisfy all parties… It is such a pity that we did’nt see that before… Anyway, that’s the kind of people the West is backing in Libya. Check also my previous posts on the Libyan mess: GhadafiPiggy-Back Coup, 50 Point Manifesto, Mike BakerChina’s aggressive bid, Turkish Taffy. These pictures are graphic, so brace yourselves.

The 50-Point Manifesto of Hasan al-Banna: where catholic bigotry meets Soviet Russia and Mussolini’s Corporate State

Here is the link to a page on Pointdebascule website where the 50-Point Manifesto of Hasan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, is presented. Jesus-Christ that it must be boring to live in such a society! No gambling, no nightclubs, no alcohol, no drugs, no prostitution…but can we still eat, just to be sure? Everybody has to wear the same uniform, there is only one political party, women and men are being separated in schools and in other activities… With the Muslim Brotherhood, we are witnessing the birth and expansion of probably the worst ideology that the world has ever conceived. In effect, it combines the worst elements of ideologies of the past. The islamic bigotry that is apparent here is  only too reminiscent of catholic bigotry that was rampant before WWII. In Quebec for example, we had our shares of that crap, believe me. These elements of islamic bigotry merge, in Hasan al-Banna’s doctrine, with means of social control typical of soviet Russia for finally transfiguring themselves in a corporate state philosophy that would have given Mussolini his best orgasms. Frankly, the way things are going, we are pretty much screwed. If western leaders really think they are doing us and themselves a big favor in toppling Middle East dictators in the wake of the so-called « democratic » revolutions, they must stand corrected. Western leaders and éminences grises are in fact paving the way for a major regression into Antiquity. Today’s Middle East leaders were acting, until recently, as safety valves against all kinds of barbaric social tendencies and groups, which were encouraged by Islamism and terrorism. Now that they are being overthrown, nothing stands in the way anymore of Islamists, terrorists or groups of barbarians to impose their views on pro-democratic populations. To read how I assess the situation in Libya, see my earlier post.

I am suggesting as well Dave Emory’s last show, FTR #736, which continues the analysis on the coup d’état that was perpetrated in Egypt. Bring your attention more specifically, among other elements, on section 2c where an exerpt of  John Roy Carlson’s Cairo to Damascus is presented that shows what are the real « values »  of the Brotherhood. As well, here is Dave Emory‘s latest blog entry analyzing the results of a recent election exercice in Egypt and how in such occasion the Muslim Brotherhood has prevailed against pro-democratic forces of the youth. With all these elements of information, I don’t see how one still could think that the Brotherhood is benevolent.